How To Make The Most Of Every Email You Send

Issac Glantz
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how to make most of every email you send

Whatever line of work you are in, it is highly likely that you have to send several emails every single day of the week. Whilst a lot of these will be internally to people who work within your company, many will be to other people you hope to impress and persuade them to help your business in some way.

Whether that is brokering a deal with a retailer or supplier, or simply convincing a customer to buy from you, it is important that every single email you send makes a good first impression. With this in mind, here is a look at how you can get the most out of every email you send.

Include extra information in the footer of every message

For many people, an email signature is simply a polite and professional way of signing off a message. Many people will simply include their name, their job title, and some contact numbers which they can reach you on if they want to talk about the subject of your email more.

In reality, your email signature can do so much more. By using an email signature generator like Newoldstamp or MySignature, you can create a bespoke image that does so much more than simply tell the recipient your name, title and number. Instead, you can use this space to display important messages about the business that could persuade people to want to work with you; for example, any awards or accolades the business has recently won.

It could even be used to display certain promotions the business has running at the moment, persuading potential customers to want to look more at your website. No matter what you want your email signature to do, an attractive image at the bottom of any message is a great way of displaying the professionalism and an eye for detail within any business.

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Come up with a subject heading that will catch the attention of your recipients

There are many methods that people use which they think would be a great way of attracting the attention of someone they are emailing. For example, many people think writing a message in block capitals and putting words like “IMPORTANT” and “READ NOW” will make a recipient think it is important and want to read it immediately.

In reality, these techniques are a lot more likely to make your email look like spam and mean the recipient does not even bother opening it. Instead, try and explain what your email is about in as few words as possible.

Make sure the information is correct 

The most important thing to do before clicking send is to check everything in the email is accurate. Is all the information factually correct?

Is all of the spelling and grammar up to standard? Are all the images appearing correctly and have you attached any files you promised to attach. Failure to check any of these things could result in you looking unprofessional at best and could even result in you losing any possible sale or deal you were trying to make.

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