How To Link To A Specific Timestamp In A YouTube Video

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Hey there! Have you ever been on YouTube and found a video that’s super cool, but only a certain part of it really grabs your attention? It happens, right? Sometimes, you just want to jump to the best part of a video or share that exact moment with your friends.

Well, guess what? You totally can! 😃

In this article, we’re going to show you a super simple way to link to that exact moment in a YouTube video. This means you can share it with your friends or watch it again whenever you feel like it. It’s like having a magic remote for YouTube videos! 🎥✨

Ready to learn how? Let’s dive in!

Guess what? You can totally create links to your favorite parts of any YouTube video! Whether you’re using a computer or your phone, there’s a way for you. Let’s check out how you can do this, depending on what you’re using.

Method 1: Using YouTube’s Built-In Timestamp Linking Feature

  1. Find Your Favorite Video: Hop onto YouTube and open the video you’re crazy about.
  2. Spot the Cool Moment: Play the video and pause it right at that awesome moment you want to share.
  3. Do the Magic Right-Click: Right-click on the video (that means click the right mouse button) and select “Copy video URL at current time.”

And voilà! You can now paste this link wherever you want, and it will start playing from that exact cool moment.

Method 2: Share Timestamps Using the Video Sharing Button

  1. Jump onto YouTube: Find that video you can’t stop talking about.
  2. Seek Out the Highlight: Scroll through the video until you find that epic part.
  3. Click the ‘Share’ Icon: This little button is hiding just below the video.
  4. Tick the ‘Start at’ Box: A box pops up, right? Now, check the “Start at [time slot]” box.
  5. Tweak the Time: If the time isn’t quite right, just tap on the “time” and change it.
  6. Copy that URL: Highlight the “URL,” then either right-click (on Windows) or use a two-finger tap (on a Mac), and choose “Copy.”
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Ever wanted to share just a part of a YouTube video, like the exact second when something amazing happens? You can totally do that by creating your own special link. It sounds like a magic trick, but it’s super easy! Let’s learn how.

Understanding YouTube URLs

First things first, let’s talk about YouTube’s web addresses (URLs). They look a bit different depending on where you’re sharing them:

  1. In a Browser: It looks like this – “
  2. For Sharing (like in emails, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.): It’s shorter, like this – “

Adding Your Magic Timestamp

To link directly to your favorite moment in the video, you’ll add a tiny bit of extra info to the end of these URLs.

  • For the shorter “” link, add “?t=Xs”. Here, “X” is the number of seconds into the video, like “?t=45s” for 45 seconds in.
  • For the longer “” link, it’s “&t=Xs”, working the same way.

And if you want to get fancy and use minutes and seconds, change “Xs” to “XmYs”. So, “?t=5m30s” means 5 minutes and 30 seconds into the video!

Remember: Just use whole numbers, like 5, not 05.

Cool Tip: Even if you share a link to a specific time, anyone can still watch the whole video by moving the time slider back and forth.

Sharing Timestamps on iPhones and Androids

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, sharing a timestamped link is a breeze:

  1. Find Your Video: Open the YouTube app or website.
  2. Locate the Best Part: Scroll through the video to that must-see moment.
  3. Hit ‘Share’: Click the “Share” button below the video.
  4. Choose ‘Start at’: In the popup, tick the “Start at [time slot here]” box.
  5. Copy the URL: Highlight the link, then click “Copy.”
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Now, just paste this link and tweak it by adding “?t=Xs” or “&t=Xs” (for seconds) or “?t=XmYs” or “&t=XmYs” (for minutes and seconds) at the end, depending on the URL type.

How to Share Specific Parts of a YouTube Video from Your Phone’s Browser

Ever found yourself wanting to share just the coolest part of a YouTube video when you’re browsing on your phone? While it’s a bit trickier than on a computer, it’s still pretty doable. Let’s dive into how you can make it happen with a mobile browser like Chrome.

  1. Find Your Video on YouTube: Open YouTube in your mobile browser and find that video you’re excited about.
  2. Pause at the Perfect Moment: Stop the video right at the point you want to start sharing.
  3. Hit ‘Share’: Tap on the “Share” button below the video.
  4. Copy the Link: Choose “Copy link.” Remember the time of the video where you paused it.
  5. Do Some URL Magic: Open a new tab and paste the URL. Now, before you hit “Enter,” add “?t=Xs” (where X=seconds) or “?t=XmYs” (where X=minutes and Y=seconds) to the end of the URL. Adjust X and Y to match your noted time.
  6. Ready, Set, Go!: Hit “Enter” on your keyboard. The video will now start playing from your chosen moment (after an ad or two).
  7. Share Your Custom Link: If you want, you can copy this new link and share it via email, social media, texts, and more.

Linking to a Specific Time in the YouTube App on iPhone and Android

Using the YouTube app on your phone? Here’s how you can share a video starting from just the right second:

  1. Open the YouTube App: Fire up the app and find the video you want to share.
  2. Pause at the Highlight: Scroll through the video to your chosen spot. You can pause the video or use the “Seek” option to find the exact moment.
  3. Tap ‘Share’: Click the “Share” button.
  4. Copy the Link for Later Editing: Choose “Copy link” if you plan to edit the timeslot in the URL later.
  5. Paste and Edit the URL: Go to where you want to share the link. Now, it’s time to tweak the URL. Add “?t=Xs” (X=seconds) or “?t=XmYs” (X=minutes, Y=seconds) for short URLs, or replace “?” with “&” for longer ones. Change X and Y to match your noted time.
  6. Share Your Special Moment: Save this edited link in a notepad app, post it on social media, or paste it into your mobile browser. Now your friends can jump right to the best part of the video!
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Wrapping It Up: Share the Best Moments on YouTube Like a Pro!

So, there you have it! Sharing the coolest parts of a YouTube video is as easy as pie. Remember, when you want to point to a specific time in a video, just use the formula “t=Xs” for seconds or “t=XmYs” for minutes and seconds. The “X” and “Y” are where you put in your time values.

  • For Short Links ( Start with a “?” like this – “?t=1m20s”.
  • For Long Links ( Start with an “&” like this – “&t=1m20s”.

Timestamps are super handy for sharing exactly what you want with others, without making them watch parts of the video that aren’t relevant. Now, whether you want to highlight a funny moment, an important tip, or just the best part of a song, you can link right to that spot.

Thanks to these simple tricks, you’re all set to share your favorite YouTube moments like a tech-savvy wizard! 🌟

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