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How To Link Other Websites Correctly


Post Google Panda, external linking has been given its due priority. Still, there are a lot of question raised by webmasters. Is linking to other’s websites legal? Is it possible to link other websites and get benefited?

How important is it from SEO point of view? Which websites should we link to? The advantages of smart external linking to quality websites are widely known. But, the point here is, how to link other websites correctly, for maximum benefits.

This blog post reveals all the secrets of link building. It mentions legal SEO tips to link other websites correctly. Follow these important strategies while linking your website to others.

Link Smartly to Other Websites

1. Link from Popular Websites

The smartest way to rank higher in search engines easily is by linking from popular websites. Every niche has some trend setting or pioneering websites. Don’t forget to create a link from these websites to your own website.

The hook or crook principle wouldn’t come handy here nor can you request pioneering web owners to link to your website. But there are still ways to get a link from popular websites. You can opt for smart blog commenting or effective guest blogging to own a link.

2. Link to Reliable Websites

Who you link to also, plays a crucial part in successful external link building. Never link to low quality websites. It is as much a determining factor as is quality incoming link building.

However relevant it may be, do not link to non-niche websites and low quality ones. Because, if it is indeed relevant then any of your listed popular websites must have shared the same piece of information. So it’s wise to link back to them instead of less worthy sites.

3. Links from Spam Websites

See, link building for higher search engine ranking is not an easy task. Apart from ensuring who to link, you too have to consider who links back to you. Links from popular websites can have positive effects on your website’s SEO score.

But in the contrast, never allow spam websites to link back to you. Moderate your comments and stay spam free. Use a link building checker tool to keep tracks of your backlinks.

4. Link Other Websites Smartly

Creating many backlinks by directory submission or paid services can boost your ranking for a short period of time only. So stop wasting your time and resources in insignificant external linking strategy. Instead concentrate on quality links to other websites.

Spend quality time with websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious etc. Make proper use of other popular link submission and bookmarking sites as well. Social networks like G+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also provide free links.

5. Go for Reciprocal Linking

Multiple reciprocal link building campaigns with inferior and irrelevant websites is considered spam. And when detected by Google, there may be severe backlashes. But when carried out between trusted websites or fellow niche bloggers, then it too can increase your PageRank fast.

The best way to link other websites by reciprocal linking is by conducting interviews of well known personalities. Another best way is to create a Top 10 or Top 5 post. This in turn links to high PR sites from your blog or website.

If you want to rank higher for particular keywords in Google then, follow these steps to link other websites. When external linking is done correctly, it can infact benefit the linking website more than the linked website. So start linking to other websites wisely.

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