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How To Increase Engagement On Instagram In 2022


The use of Instagram is now not restricted to sharing photos only. This social media application has become a major marketing channel for all big businesses or brands. With more than one billion active users per month, Instagram is undoubtedly a great platform to promote your brand among the larger audiences.

However, as the popularity of the platform is increasing multifold, its competition is also growing simultaneously. It is now becoming more challenging for both businesses and influencers to increase their engagement on Instagram in 2020.

Here in this article, read some top tips to increase engagement on Instagram:

Create high-quality content

Instagram is all about a picture game. The real challenge begins with creating high-quality awesome content. You should be able to produce content that captivates one’s attention and persuade people to follow your account.

To create interesting content, maintain consistency in your style and make sure your posts reflect the nature of your brand. Use HD resolution images with perfect color combinations and brightness.

Engage with your followers

Engagement is the primary factor to consider in order getting a huge following on Instagram. It is relevant to stay connected with your followers on a regular basis.

To create engagement, start liking, commenting and sharing other people’s photos in your niche. Also, you should respond to the comments and messages you received on your profile regularly. It is a common strategy to follow people with an expectation of getting a follow back and it works many times.

Get more followers

Many brands prefer to buy followers on Instagram and it has proven to be useful especially when you have just started your Instagram marketing.

Though paid followers do not necessarily help in popularizing your account as what genuine followers can do. So to get more followers to inform as many as people you can to increase your reach, email your subscribers, and promote your account on other social media channels too.

Include popular hashtags

If it’s been the time you are using Instagram, then probably you must have heard about hashtags. Yes, they are very important to land your profile or posts to your target audiences.

Hashtags help in increasing the visibility of your posts by getting more impressions and engagements on it. It also plays a crucial role in helping people to get to your account by searching for your hashtags in the search bar.

The basic strategy for inserting hashtags is to use popular and branded hashtags in your posts. Along with this, you can also create your own branded hashtags for creating your brand awareness among the users.

Utilize Video-based content

Not always image-based content needs to be uploaded on your profile. You can take advantage of the video content for getting more viewers on your account.

Video content is gaining huge popularity these days than any other content form. People like watching videos and they tend to follow profiles that post more video content.

Videos are easy to understand. You can show your users the demonstration of products through videos. Live video is another option to explore by enhancing communication with your users and talking to them on one to one basis.

Post at the right times

Posting at the right times also plays a considerable part in getting more engagement on Instagram. For this, it is important to analyze when your users are more active and engages with your posts.

When all your latest posts land on their profile, you will get more likes and comments. However, to test the best times for posting, you can try posting at different times and evaluate what works out best for you.

Run contests/giveaways

To capture the attention of people, organizing contests or giveaways is an amazing option to consider. Everyone likes to win prizes and participate in exciting and interesting competitions. All you have to do is to create a buzz around people for your contests.

To create a contest, you can opt for some simple tactics like inviting people and asking them to get more followers on your account, tag their friends in your posts, share your profile, etc.

Moreover, to spread your contests among a larger group of people, you can make use of some popular hashtags; organize live videos to discuss details of the competition on a direct basis. In this way, you will be able to get more participants and people interested in your contests.

Wrapping up:

Since Instagram is leveraging numerous opportunities for businesses or brands to promote their products or services online, the competition has increased to a larger extent. So by adopting these tips in your marketing strategy, you can easily get more likes and comments on your posts. Just maintain consistency with your efforts and get people to talk about your Instagram profile.

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