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How to Get Started With Instagram Marketing


Marketing is one of the smartest tools to use when trying to grow a business. Social media is the avenue and vehicle to use for marketing projects.

If you want to create a presence on the internet, it’s to learn Instagram marketing.

Using Instagram for marketing helps you learn what your customers like. Users post content—their preferences and discoveries—by the second. These posts give you insight into their lifestyles, showing you how to target your marketing.

With image and video sharing services, you get to present your products the way you want to. Another plus is viewers retain 95% of what they see in a video. Expect them to remember your product when they see it in a video.

You can take a video of yourself or your employees unboxing products that you sell and showing them off across different social media channels. Include plenty of close-ups, descriptions, or explanations of how the products should be used. However, if you’re trying to stand out by sharing high-quality engaging videos, consider cooperating with a company specializing in explainer videos to ensure that your video is out on social media quickly so you can take advantage of the hot market.

Instagram marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your business started and accessible to all audiences. Find out more about Instagram marketing.

What Instagram Marketing Is All About

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is an app you can operate from a desktop or a smartphone. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but they’re easy to use.

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Instagram marketing is about using the app’s features to promote products and services. IG for business allows you to create marketing strategies within the app. These marketing strategies target new followers, website clicks, and sales.

This process helps you reach different demographics of people you probably wouldn’t offline.

Set Up a Profile

A profile is the first thing required to get started with marketing on Instagram. There are two types of profiles—personal and business. Set up a business profile.

Make sure your profile includes the following:

  • Business name
  • Correspondence address
  • website
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)

Make sure your sign up with a business address. Business addresses make it easier for Instagram to verify you as a merchant. Also, use your business logo as the profile picture. Doing so helps with branding.

Write a memorable bio. You have 150 characters to create a statement about your business for people to remember. Use modern vernacular to relate to different age groups.

Link Social Media Accounts

Instagram lets you link your other social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. Whatever you post on IG automatically posts on these accounts as well.

Facebook owns Instagram, which allows users to see all of the products listed in your FB marketplace. These products link back to your website when a user clicks to buy. That’s the start of learning how to repurpose content for Instagram.

Start Posting

Instagram has several ways you can make posts. Users can share photos, videos, reels, stories, as well as go live. Instagram also has an app called IGTV, which allows users to post longer videos and promotions.

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If you have a promo video, start with that. Post it on your page, in your stories, and on IGTV. People love videos, especially those accompanied by music and images. Promote the video as an ad to bring attention to your page.

Next, post photos of your products as well as followers using them. Use Reels to create mini-product promos or to introduce new items.

Host live events on IG live to virtually interact with users. Repost your live videos on IGTV to reach other followers. Make sure you use hashtags. People follow hashtags to keep up with current challenges and events.

Hashtags help you garner a bigger following.

Start Marketing on Instagram

Instagram marketing helps you brand your business to millions of users. Start posting content and growing your business in ways you never believed.

Use technology to take your business to higher heights. Check out our guides for the latest techie news and updates.

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