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How to Get Started in Web Development as a Student


Owing to the increasing role of technology in our daily endeavors, web developers have a huge demand with a high projection of growth in the coming years.

Web development is thus a great career path to take and secure a flexible job as a student. How do you become a web developer? This guide will highlight the tips for starting a web development business and outline the steps to become a web developer.

As you balance your academics and training, you may require expert help to ensure the best of both worlds. Is it illegal to pay someone to do your homework? Although it is not illegal, some institutions may object to this approach. You should thus consider help to support your efforts towards writing as opposed to delegating entire projects.

Let’s discover how to get started with web development and read some tips to hasten your journey as a web developer.

Steps for starting a web development business

Contrary to popular belief, getting a web development job requires more than skill acquisition. Some of the steps for kickstarting your web development career include:

Learn the fundamentals of web development

Often, students start with the intricate programming languages, only to throw the towel and cease their programming dreams. Like any learning experience, you should start with baby steps and master the basics of web development.

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When taking personal training, start with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These languages will help you master various actions and serve as a basis to help you comprehend more intricate languages.

It would be best to join boot camps and enroll in online courses. These options will provide you with a proper grounding in various programming languages and guide your solo learning efforts.

Select your area of specialization

Like martial arts, it is better to hone your skill in one area instead of having a basic knowledge of multiple topics. Equivalently, select between front-end and back-end development and focus your attention on honing your skill in this area.

Doing this reduces the duration required to perfect your skill, allowing you to start as a web developer quickly.

Practice, practice and practice!

There is no shortcut to mastering web development. Tons of practice should be in handy as you learn to become a web developer. As such, set apart time to practice your skill and gauge your code for various errors.

Where possible, set out on projects and engage experts on various platforms for suggestions on making your code more efficient. Also, consider volunteering in various companies as this provides you with the much-needed exposure and quality feedback for your portfolio.

Learn SEO practices

The code of a website contributes to its ranking as much as the content. To manage the competition on the market, learn how to optimize your code to increase organic traffic for your client’s site.

You may also diversify your skills in order to earn some cash before establishing your name as a web developer.

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Get a certification

Certification is key to proving your skillset in a particular field for most firms. It is thus of great importance to gain a reputation from a reputable web development site and include the certification on your portfolio.

Certification also serves as a testament that you know your stuff and show your prospects the extent of your mastery of web development.

Build a portfolio

A portfolio is a critical tool to advertise your services as a web developer. For the most impact, style your portfolio in the style of a case study highlighting the undertakings of the projects, challenges and how you overcame the challenges.

This will help potential clients assess how well you meet their needs before deciding.


Marketing is perhaps the most formidable milestone that is often overlooked when determining how to start as a freelance web developer. Connect with friends and peers in various circles to reduce the burden of marketing your skills.

These individuals will recommend you to potential clients and link you up with opportunities to improve your knowledge. For the most impact, engage writers and experts in supplementary niches as they are likely to come across a client needing web development services.

Join a freelancing site

An easy way to find a client is by using various online work platforms. Sites like Upwork, Guru, and freelancer link you to many clients, making it easy to bid on relevant projects.

To start on these sites, create a complete profile highlighting your skills and learn how to write quality proposals. You may also liaise with peers in the same niche and ask for referrals if they get invited in periods when they are swamped.

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Final Verdict

Web development is a field that holds massive growth potential and offers much flexibility to manage your school schedule. These tips should come in handy to help you get started with web development.

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