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How To Get A Prototype Made


Today, we are going to cover plastic prototyping and all aspects of it. We will talk why it’s important to get prototype made and how the plastic prototype process works. What are the different aspects of it and all.

So, it’s really important to get prototypes made because this is how you’re gonna test the aesthetics of your product, the look, the feel, the functionality. You can still make changes in the design process before you have submitted a final design to a factory.

The first step in designing a plastic prototype is industrial design and concept generation. What this means? It means you are gonna work with an industrial designer who’s gonna sit down with you and go over all the needs of your product, what the functions that you want it to have and the features. So, then you’re gonna to sit down and do what’s called an ideation process.

This is basically a market research. Your designers gonna go out into the marketplace and see what the similar products have as far as functionality, look, feel and see where you might be able to bring something new to the marketplace.

Then you are going to begin the process of concept sketches. Typically, the most product designers do a series of product sketches that are either three, six or nine sketches. Then you are going to sit back down with the designer after you’ve completed the sketches and pick out which functions look and feel that you like to each one of the sketches. Then you combine and make one final sketch.

This is gonna be the product that you are going to then put into CAD. A Computer-aided design is a software that allows your product to be virtually created in a computer system that allows your designers and engineers to tweak and adjust the product one last time before 3D printing the third and final step is taking your CAD file to the 3D printers. 3D printing technology has come along ways in the last couple of years. You can now get 3D prints done in less than 24 hours for most of the products.

3D printing has drastically sped up the design process for products and it allows you to test the functionality before you take the product to manufacturing. The advantage to having CAD files done is if you find a flaw with your 3D prints.

You can easily go back and make a really fast change and get a new model printed without spending a lot of money on expensive mold and tooling changes every time. That’s the beauty of 3D modelling.

How To Get A Prototype Made In Actual From Factory


In this section, I am gonna tell you how to get a prototype made in actual. There are lot of different types of prototypes so make sure you know exactly what you want to have before you start making phone calls to get quotes for prototyping.

If you just need a 3D print, you can take you CAD file and send them to any 3D print shop in the nation and they can remotely print your products and sent it to you. That’s going to give you the kind of the look and feel of the product but it’s not going to be functional product. In most cases, it depends on what your product is but you want to get a more functioning prototypes especially if you have any kind of electronics, you need screens, lots of moving parts small intricate pieces.

You’re probably going to want to go straight to your factory so whoever is actually going to manufacture your product is the person you’re gonna want to go to to get your first prototypes. Sometimes, it’s really hard to find someone that will print or do a manufacturing run for only 5 or 6 units.

So, whoever you find is going to need to be invested in your products. That way they will do these small runs for you because they want to see you to be successful. They want to see you go through manufacturing an print you know a hundred million units a month.

So, you’re going to need to find one of these manufacturers. So, a company that I have used in the past, it’s really good for manufacturing is focused on product design. They are full-service product design and they also do manufacturing which is really cool.

So guys, this has answered some of your questions you have on plastic prototyping based on 3D printing. If you guys have any additions questions, please ask in the comment section below.

Have a great day ahead. Thanks.

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