How to Get the Decrypted Cache Key in Destiny 2?

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how to get the decrypted cache key in destiny 2

The Decrypted Cache Key in Destiny 2 is a new addition to the Warmind DLC expansion of the game; it was launched in 2018. With this key, you can unlock a high-level chest at the end of the Escalation Protocol and collect powerful items that will enhance your gameplay.

To acquire this key, you first need to collect the seven Rasputin Key Fragments.

Rasputin Key Fragments

Rasputin Key Fragments are collectibles you need them to get the Encrypted Cache Key from Ana Bray, a Mars vendor.

How to Get Rasputin Key Fragments

To gather these fragments, you have to complete a number of tasks. These tasks are:

  • Complete heroic adventures or strikes on Mars. Upon completion, you will be given the chance to collect two Rasputin Key Fragments as a rare drop.
  • If you fail to collect the fragments from heroic adventures, the alternative is to complete Nightfall. If you are successful, you will get all seven Rasputin Key Fragments you need. The catch to this is that Nightfall is difficult to grind.

Why Do You Need the Rasputin Key Fragments?

Rasputin key fragments are important because, without them, you cannot get the Encrypted Cache Key. And you need this key to get the Decrypted Cache Key.

By the way, you can’t have more than one encrypted cache key with you at any time. Hence, you can’t convert more than seven Rasputin Key Fragments at once. What this connotes is that every time you need an Encrypted Cache Key, you will have to grind for it all over again.

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That is, you’ll go over the whole process again from collecting the Rasputin key fragments to converting them.

How to Get the Encrypted Cache Key

After getting all seven Rasputin Key Fragments, the next thing to do is to turn them into an Encrypted Cache Key. Here is how to do that:

  • Complete every story in the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion.
  • Play in every game mode, including Strikes, Raid Lairs, Heroic Strikes, Heroic Adventures, Raids, and Nightfall Strikes. Most of these activities, especially Nightfall, will give you different amounts of Rasputin Key Fragments.
  • Once you have the required Rasputin Key Fragments, visit Ana Bray on Mars. She will then convert the fragments into one Encrypted Cache Key.

Note: you can only convert Rasputin Key Fragments once a week.

How to Decrypt the Encrypted Cache Key

At this point, you already have the key in an encrypted format. While this is progress, you still have some way to go before it is what you need: the decrypted cache key. Here is how to decrypt the encrypted cache key:

Grind through the Escalation Protocol mode that was introduced in the Warmind expansion. This involves defeating the hive soldiers within the game in the shortest possible time. Doing this will enable you to increase your power level for the Protocol.

However, completing the Escalation Protocol mode is not an easy task. It is for this reason that the game recommends a Power Level of 380 for those who will be participating. But then, power level 380 is the maximum power level you can attain with your character which means you will have to do some work to attain it.

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If you cannot, you might as well play with lower power levels. Bear in mind that this will make the game more difficult; however, it won’t be impossible.

At the end of level seven of the Escalation Protocol, you will face a tough boss character. To ensure the monsters you fight against are constantly mixed up, this character is rotated in and out every week. When you defeat this boss, you will be awarded a Decrypted Cache Key. You will also get a loot chest. And when you open it with your newly decrypted key, you will be able to loot a Rasputin armor.

The cache key is a very important item in the game for exactly this reason: to loot the Rasputin armor. However, there wouldn’t be a cache key without the Rasputin Key Fragments. What this means is that every item in the game is important. And that is why you have to do due diligence and follow every step in this article. And in the right order, too. Then and only then would you obtain what you want.

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