How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing On A Video

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Hey there, friends on the internet! You know when you’re watching a super cool video on YouTube and you just have to see what everyone else is thinking about it? That’s where comments come in super handy! They’re like a fun chat room for every video where you can see if other people are loving the content as much as you are. Plus, if you’re making videos, those comments are like a goldmine for figuring out what your viewers are into.

But what if you’re all ready to dive into that sea of comments and… uh-oh, they’re not loading? Bummer, right? It’s like showing up to a party and finding out it’s been canceled. 🙁 Don’t worry, though! There are some pretty nifty tricks you can try to get those comments rolling again.

Whether you’re tapping away on the YouTube app or surfing on your web browser on your Android, sometimes switching from one to the other is all it takes to fix the comment conundrum. But if that’s not doing the trick, stick around! We’ve got a bunch of other fixes to try that we’ll get into next.

Ready to become a comment-loading wizard? Let’s get those comments back! 🧙‍♂️✨

How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing On A Video

#1 Update the YouTube App

Sometimes, your YouTube app is just feeling a little old and needs a fresh start. Think of it like a superhero getting a cool new suit. Here’s how to give it that awesome upgrade:

  1. Find your Google Play Store – that’s your app superhero base!
  2. Use the search bar at the top and type in “YouTube” – like calling your superhero by name.
  3. If you see an “Update” button next to the YouTube app, that’s like finding a new super suit. Tap it to suit up your app with the latest powers!

#2 Clear Cache and Cookies

Your phone’s like a little treasure chest, and sometimes it gets filled with old stuff you don’t need – that’s the cache and cookies. Let’s clear it out to help those comments shine:

  1. Open up your “Settings” app – that’s your treasure map.
  2. Navigate to the “Apps” section, like choosing the right path.
  3. Look for “Manage Apps” or sometimes it’s just “Apps” again – that’s where the treasure’s at.
  4. Find “YouTube” in the list and tap it – you’ve found the treasure spot!
  5. Hit “Clear All Data” – this doesn’t throw away your videos, don’t worry. It’s just tossing out the old stuff so everything runs smoother.
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And what if you’re on Team iPhone? Well, your YouTube watching experience can be just as smooth. If the comments are still playing hide and seek, try switching from the YouTube app to your web browser or vice versa. Sometimes all it takes is a little switcheroo!

#3 Ensure You Have the Latest Version of the YouTube App

Just like you wouldn’t want to miss the latest episode of your favorite show, you don’t want to miss the latest version of the YouTube app. Here’s the quick way to stay updated:

  1. Tap that App Store icon on your iPhone – it’s like the doorway to new adventures.
  2. Look for your profile photo in the top corner and give it a tap – it’s basically saying “hello” to your digital self.
  3. You’ll see a list of apps, like a menu of updates. Scroooll down to find YouTube.
  4. Is there an “Update” button next to it? Awesome! Tap it and let the update magic happen.

#4 Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Think of your iPhone’s cache and cookies like a backpack full of stuff from the whole school year. It’s time to empty it out and find those comments hiding at the bottom:

  1. Start by finding the “Settings” icon on your iPhone – that’s your toolbox.
  2. Now, tap on “Safari” – that’s like picking the right tool for the job.
  3. Get ready to clean house – scroll down and click on “Clear History and Website Data.”
  4. Finally, press “Clear History and Data” to sweep all the old stuff away.

And voilà! Your iPhone is now as clean as a whistle, and you’re one step closer to getting those YouTube comments back in action.

YouTube Comments Not Showing on an iPad

Looks like our comment section is playing hide-and-seek on the iPad, huh? No worries, we’re about to become detectives and solve this little mystery. The clues? It might be an old app or just too much digital “stuff” in the way (that’s the cache and cookies).

#1 Check to See if There’s an App Update

Apps are like fashion; you gotta keep them updated! Here’s how to check if your YouTube is rocking the latest style:

  1. Head over to the App Store – that’s your wardrobe.
  2. Your profile pic is your personal fashion advisor, so give it a tap.
  3. Your app list is like your closet. Scroll through it and find YouTube – is it dressed in last season’s update?
  4. If you spot an “Update” button, that’s like finding a cool new accessory! Press it to make sure YouTube is looking its best.
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#2 Clear All Cache and Cookies

Just like cleaning your room can help you find lost treasures, clearing out cache and cookies can help find those missing comments. Here’s how to clean up:

  1. Find the “Settings” icon – think of it as your cleaning supplies cupboard.
  2. Choose “Safari” – that’s your broom and dustpan.
  3. Time to declutter – tap “Clear History and Website Data.”
  4. Confirm with a “Clear” and you’re done! Now, your digital room is spotless.

And hey, if you’re cruising through YouTube on Chrome and those comments are still playing hard to get, don’t stress. There’s a whole list of tricks we can try to coax them out of hiding.

#3 Refresh the Page

Ever just need to take a deep breath and start fresh? Well, sometimes your YouTube page feels the same way. If the comments are playing hard to get, try giving the page a little nudge:

  1. Look for that circular arrow icon, the “Refresh” button, near the address bar. It’s like the reset button for your page.
  2. Or, if you’re team keyboard, the “F5” key is your friend. Give it a tap and watch the magic happen.

#4 Disable Your Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are like those extra apps in your digital toolbox – sometimes super helpful, but occasionally they throw a wrench in the works. If they’re getting in the way of your YouTube party, let’s turn them off for a sec:

  1. See those “3 Dots” chilling in the corner of your browser? Click ’em!
  2. A secret menu pops up! Choose “More Tools” and then “Extensions” – this is where you get to play detective.
  3. You’ll see a lineup of all your extensions. Now, let’s play a game of guess who – turn one off by clicking its toggle switch to the “Off” position.
  4. After each switch flip, head back to YouTube and hit refresh. It’s like saying “Abracadabra!” and waiting to see if the comments reappear.

Other Reasons YouTube Comments Aren’t Showing

Sometimes, you type out a comment, hit send, and poof! It vanishes. You’re left wondering, “Did I say something wrong?” Well, it might not be you; it could be YouTube’s secret comment-guarding robot – the algorithm. Let’s look at why it might be giving your comment the cold shoulder:

Reason 1: The Dreaded Spam Alert! 🚫

Just like you wouldn’t want to hear the same joke over and over, YouTube doesn’t like repeat comments. It thinks it’s spam – like unwanted email. So if you copy and paste the same thing a bunch of times, YouTube’s going to give it the boot.

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And if other people are giving your comments a thumbs-down, saying it’s spam, YouTube’s going to listen to them. It’s like being voted off the island in a game show.

Reason 2: No Exit Signs, Please! 🚷

Imagine YouTube is a huge mall, and your comment is a sign pointing outside. YouTube’s not a fan of that. It wants everyone to stay and shop, not leave. So if your comment has a link that takes people away from YouTube, it’s probably going to disappear. Think of it like a mall security guard taking down directions to another mall.

Reason 3: Keep It Clean and Friendly! 😊

YouTube wants to keep things nice and friendly, like a family BBQ. If your comment has words that would make your grandma gasp, YouTube’s going to put soap in its mouth – which means no one else will see it.

Reason 4: Waiting in Line… 🕒

Some YouTubers like to check the guest list before letting comments into the party. It’s like a bouncer at a club checking IDs. If your comment is waiting in line for the YouTuber to say it’s cool, you won’t see it right away. And they won’t tell you it’s waiting, so you’ve just got to be patient.

Wrapping It Up: YouTube Comments Mystery Closed! 🎬

So, we’ve had quite the adventure diving into the curious case of disappearing YouTube comments. Sometimes it’s like a magic trick gone wrong – one minute they’re there, the next… poof! But don’t worry, we’re pretty good magicians ourselves.

Remember, if comments are going MIA, give these tricks a whirl:

  • Update Alert! Make sure your YouTube app is living in the now with the latest update.
  • Refresh to Impress! Sometimes all it takes is a quick refresh, like a splash of cold water in the morning.
  • Digital Declutter! Clear out those cache and cookies – it’s like spring cleaning for your device.
  • Play by the Rules! Make sure your comments are nice and tidy, following YouTube’s house rules.

Did any of these tips work like a charm for you? Or maybe you’ve got your own secret spell to share? The comments section is waiting for your stories – it’s like the campfire where we can all share our tales.

Let’s keep the conversation going! Drop a line below if you’ve got more to say or if you’ve cracked the code on this whole comment conundrum. After all, sharing is caring in the world of YouTube. 🌟👇

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