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How To Fix Your Wireless Internet Connection In Windows


The IP is a private internet protocol address often used by different modem companies as a default IP address for their wireless routers. This unique IP address can be used in any wireless router without any restrictions. It is one among the many internet protocol addresses specially constructed for private use exclusively. If you want to access the configuration options in the wireless router, you just want to type the IP address in the internet browser address bar and also give administrator account information, which has already written in the routers manual.

Quick and easy guides to fix wireless connection in windows

The wireless connection problem can always be a common issue for many computer users today. If there is any problem in your windows wireless connection, you will receive the error messages like “limited connection or no connectivity”. Simply, this means that you cannot connect or access the network connections in your windows due to technical faults or configuration issues. In order to solve this problem, you can use the default IP address that helps you to fix the configuration problems as quickly as possible. Once the connection problem occurs, you won’t be able to access the internet, so it is very important to know how to fix the wireless connection in windows, especially if you are a window user.

Commonly, the wireless internet won’t be stay connected always rather it may have some ups and downs in the network connection. If you are regularly experiencing the dropouts and problem in your connection, you should test the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection, which determines what is causing for disconnections. Here are some simple ways to fix the wireless internet connection in windows.

Test your bandwidth- Even there is a chance of connection problem, when your device is consuming up your bandwidth. If you are placing your device is relatively closer to your network device such as router, the internet connection is very strong, but the speed is low.

Check power settings- The power management issue is also one of the reasons for connection problem. When your monitor goes to sleep or switches off, the windows will automatically powers down or shut down the wireless connection.

How to improve your wireless connection- When you use wireless connection in your home and you will receive the weak signal means then you need to troubleshoot your system. When it comes to boosting your wireless internet signal, you just replace your wireless card in your computer and improving the antenna on your router. Or simply, you can move the router into a better position.

Enhance your network speed- In some cases; the low network speed may be slow down your home network connection. One of the best ways to improve your wireless connection is using a high-quality CAT-5E cable. If you have found any problems on your connection, you can run the internet speed test on your computer before doing any changes to your wireless internet setup.

Update wireless drivers- If you find any problem with the wireless driver, you can be easily resolved by using windows update. In order to update your windows driver, you need to click on Windows Update and then check the available updates for your device. If you look out anything related to your wireless devices, you just visit the site and download the up-to-date windows driver for your device.

Modify the Wi-Fi channel- One of the older tricks for enhancing the wireless network signal is to change the Wi-Fi channels on your devices. In order to change your Wi-Fi channel manually, you need to log into the wireless router via the web browser, open the advanced settings and choose the specific channel to get the strongest signal.

Top tips to fix your wireless internet connection

The online internet connection for wireless devices is more important on all platforms. If you are experiencing the problem on your end, there are some effective tips available for fixing and troubleshooting your internet connection in the most efficient way that includes,

  • To fix your wireless internet connection, one of the easiest ways is to ping your website using windows. For this, open a command prompt and type Ping as well as the IP address of your site.
  • If you are using a modem or a router, make sure that they are functioning properly. You should also verify that your modem has a proper power LED. If there is no power, you just turn off the router and wait for a few minutes before restarting the device.
  • You should also check the LED status indicators on your router, if there are no lights glowing then disconnect the power and reconnect it.
  • Instead of rebooting, you can reset the router or modem that performs a fresh install on your device.

However, the weak or limited signals can always occur due to several reasons, but there are some fixes available. These above tips are helpful for overcoming the connection problems in the effective manner.

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