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Want to post a full picture on Instagram without cropping? 📸 You’re in the right place! This quick guide will show you how to easily upload your entire photo on the Instagram app, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android. Let’s dive in!

How to Make a Picture Fit on Instagram

Instagram typically crops your posts to a 4:5 aspect ratio to keep your feed looking neat. But don’t worry, you can easily fit your whole photo in just a few steps:

  • Select Your Photo: Open Instagram and choose the photo you want to share.
  • Make It Fit: Tap the Expand icon (the two outward arrows) in the lower-left corner of the preview window, or simply pinch your fingers out to zoom out. This will make your entire photo visible.
  • Check the Border: You’ll notice a white border around your image (or black if you’re using dark mode).
  • Ready to Post: Tap Next when you’re ready to move on and share your picture with the world!

How to Resize a Post for Instagram

Sometimes Instagram’s cropping doesn’t quite do your photo justice. If you want more control, try using Kapwing. It’s great for custom resizing, letting you add a colored border to meet Instagram’s 4:5 ratio. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start on Kapwing: Go to and click Get started.
  • Upload Your Photo: Click Create new then Upload, and choose your photo. If your photo is in another app, like Photos on Android, use the Media picker to find it.
  • Resize Your Photo: Once uploaded, select Edit background > Resize Canvas. Pick Instagram Post Portrait and set the size to 4:5.
  • Adjust Your Settings: Make sure it’s set to Fit to Center. Below, you can turn off blur for the extra space and choose a border color if you want.
  • Apply and Export: After adjusting, tap Apply, then Export, and finally Export a JPEG > Download. Your photo is now ready for Instagram!

⚠️ Note: Kapwing will add a watermark to your photo. If you don’t want this, you might need to sign in and complete some initial steps to remove it, or use a photo editing tool to cover it.


Now that you know how to fit your entire picture on Instagram without unwanted cropping and resize it perfectly with tools like Kapwing, you’re all set to make your Instagram feed look exactly the way you want. Whether you choose to use Instagram’s native features or opt for a third-party tool to customize your photos further, these tips ensure that your posts will stand out and capture the attention they deserve. So, go ahead and share your world, one perfectly sized photo at a time! 🌟

Remember, the key to a visually appealing Instagram feed is consistency and creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats and borders to find what best showcases your style. Happy posting!


What is the default aspect ratio for Instagram posts?

Instagram automatically crops images to a 4:5 aspect ratio to maintain a uniform appearance in your feed.

How can I post a full picture on Instagram without cropping?

To post a full picture, tap the Expand icon (two outward arrows) in the lower-left corner of the photo preview or pinch out to zoom out, making your entire photo fit within the frame.

Why does Kapwing add a watermark to my photo?

Kapwing adds a watermark to photos processed using the free version of their service. You can remove this by logging in and completing some initial user steps, or by upgrading to a paid account.

Can I change the border color when resizing a photo on Kapwing?

Yes, Kapwing allows you to customize the border color when resizing your photo to fit Instagram’s aspect ratios.

What should I do if I don’t want a blurred background around my photo on Kapwing?

When resizing your photo in Kapwing, you can choose to turn off the blur effect for the extra space around your image by selecting ‘Off’ in the background settings.

How can I ensure my photo fits perfectly in Instagram’s post preview window?

To ensure your photo fits perfectly, use the resize option in Instagram or a third-party tool like Kapwing to adjust your photo to the required 4:5 aspect ratio, making sure to center the image appropriately.

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