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How to Find Your Long Lost Friends


Friends are vital people in our lives. Without friends, life could not be more interesting since you are sharing different personalities during different stages of your lives. However, friends come and go. It is a sad reality, which brings many to tears and disbelief.

But does that mean that it is impossible to connect with those friends again?

If someone told you it is impossible, he or she must be lying. Today, in this article, our focus is to help you know the best way to find people using this free people search known as CocoFinder.

Here is what you should know.

Why social media is not as reliable

Billions of people use social media today. Hence, you can find a lost friend from there, see what they have been up to of late, know where they live and know many other things about them.

However, the problem with social media is that even after searching, you will have to recognize them from a group of results if people have similar names.

Besides social media, people also use search engines such as Google and public records that are available on the internet. All of them seems to be a good option, but let us see why CocoFinder beats them all.

What CocoFinder is

One of the most endorsed people search services is CocoFinder. The platform offers these services (and many more) for free. As in, users do not have to pay a dime to access these services.

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In addition to over a million users every day, this site also is among the best people search sites according to mentions from notable brands including LifeHacker, Life Wire, Toms Guide, Digital Trends, and many others.

You can visit CocoFinder’s official website to get to know more about it.

Accessing the people search service

Before you can access the CocoFinder services, the first thing you need to do is create an account. Signing up is a natural process. You only need a functioning email and a password, and you are good to go.

After this, you can head to the CocoFinder people search page where you can search for your lost friend.

The process is quite simple and straightforward. Key in the names of the individual – preferably, both names, enter the city in which they live in and select the state you suspect

they live in from the drop-down menu.

Once you do this, hit the search button. From here, everything else is automatic, and you should get your results within a few minutes.

Get an accurate result

When you compare a people search services such as CocoFinder and public records, you will realize that public records are not efficient. Primarily, these documents do not have filtered search options. This wastes your time eventually because there are thousands of people

who may have a similar name.

CocoFinder collects data from different reliable sources. For instance, social media, public records, and government agencies are some of the places that offer this information.

Hence, you should expect an accurate result when searching for your lost friends.

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Some of the details you get within the report include their names, their social media profiles, their financial records, criminal records, background checks, their contact information, and many other details about them.

CocoFinder is concerned about your privacy

For most people, their concern when using the internet is their privacy. It comes first. CocoFinder ensures that you are safe regardless of how many searches you make. You can find as many lost friends as you can within a few minutes.

Additionally, the site will not sell your information or your search details. They even have a policy where they allow users to edit or delete their information from the CocoFinder database. For such a case, the customer care team will help you with this once you contact them.

In Conclusion To

Try CocoFinder today. Unlike social media or any other search option, this website dedicates itself to ensuring that it provides all its users with adequate information about their friends, where they live, and finding their contact information.

You can also do background searches on the individual to know what they do for a living and if they have any criminal records that you need to know before you contact them.

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