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Hey there! Have you ever noticed that Instagram looks a bit different on your computer compared to your phone? That’s right, Instagram has a desktop version and a mobile version, and they’re not exactly the same. But don’t worry, you can do pretty much the same cool stuff on both. There might be a few different menus and options here and there, but nothing too tricky.

Finding and Sharing Instagram Links is Easy Peasy!

Now, let’s talk about something really useful – finding and sharing Instagram URLs. Whether you’re on your computer (PC) or using your phone, you can grab the link to any Instagram profile or post you like. Why is this handy? Well, you can share these links with your friends or even use them in your school projects or blogs.

So, are you ready to become an Instagram link wizard? Let’s dive into how you can find, send, and manage these Instagram URLs like a pro!

Finding Your Instagram Profile URL using a Browser

Want to share your Instagram profile with friends or on your favorite websites? It’s super easy, no matter what browser you’re using – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other. Whether you’re on a PC, laptop, or even your phone, here’s how you can find your Instagram profile URL in just a few clicks:

  1. Hit Your Profile Icon: Look at the top-right corner of your screen and click (or tap) on your profile icon. It’s like your Instagram selfie in a tiny circle!
  2. Select ‘Profile’: A menu will pop up. Just choose ‘Profile’ from the list. It’s like stepping into your own Instagram world.
  3. Copy Your Link: Now, look at the address bar at the top of your browser. See the URL (that’s the web address)? Just highlight it, copy it, and voila! You’re ready to paste and share your Instagram profile wherever you want.
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Desktop Vs. Mobile: A Quick Note

You might be wondering, “Why bother with a computer when I can use my phone?” You’re right; most people use Instagram on their phones because it’s super handy when you’re out and about. But guess what? Some folks still love checking their Insta feeds on a desktop computer, especially if they’re working or studying.

Desktop Apps and Instagram URLs

If you’re using a desktop app for Instagram, it looks a lot like the mobile app and lets you do almost everything you can do on your phone. But there’s a catch: you can’t directly find your Instagram profile URL on the app. No worries, though! There’s a simple trick.

Manual Magic: Typing Your Instagram URL

Every Instagram profile has a unique web address. It’s a mix of the Instagram website link and your username. It goes like this: ““. So, if you know your username, you can just type this address yourself, anytime, anywhere! Whether you’re sending it to someone or filling out a form online, this little trick works every time.

How to Get an Instagram Post’s URL and Share It

Instagram is all about sharing the cool stuff – your favorite photos and videos. And guess what? It’s super easy to do. Each post has a little share icon (it looks like a paper airplane), and with a tap, you can send any post to your Instagram or Facebook friends. Yep, both your Insta buddies and Facebook pals show up when you’re using the mobile app.

But what if you want to share an Instagram post somewhere else, like Twitter, in an email, or on your blog? That’s a bit different, but still really easy. Let me show you how to grab any Instagram post’s URL and share it wherever you want.

How to Share from the Instagram App (Android/iOS/iPhone)

  1. Find the Post: Look for the Instagram post you want to share.
  2. Tap the ‘Vertical Ellipsis’: That’s the three little dots stacked on top of each other. Tap on it to see more options.
  3. Hit ‘Share’: After tapping the ellipsis, choose the ‘Share’ option.
  4. Copy or Choose How to Share: You can tap ‘Copy’ to grab the link, or pick from other options like SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Gmail, etc.
  5. Send It Off!: Pick how and who you want to send it to. You might need to paste the link you copied earlier.
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When you send it directly to someone through Messenger, SMS, and similar apps, they’ll usually see a little preview image or thumbnail of the post.

Sharing from a Browser (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Using Instagram on a computer? No problem! Whether you’re on Windows, Mac, or Linux, sharing a post’s URL is a breeze.

  1. Find the Post: Open Instagram in your browser and find the post.
  2. Click the ‘Horizontal Ellipsis’: This time, it’s three dots in a row. Click it for more options.
  3. Copy the Link: Choose ‘Copy Link’ to grab the URL of the photo or video.
  4. Share It Your Way: You can also select ‘Share to…’ for more options like Direct Instagram messages, posting to Facebook, Twitter, or sending via email.

And remember, if you need the URL for a forum comment, blog, or something else, ‘Copy Link’ is your go-to option. It’s as simple as clicking on the photo, diving into the options, and choosing how you want to copy, paste, share, or send it.

How to Get Someone Else’s Instagram Profile URL

Sometimes, you might want to keep a link to someone’s Instagram profile, maybe to check it out later or to share it with a friend. No matter the reason, getting that link is super easy, whether you’re using a computer or your phone. Let me show you how!

Copying Instagram Profile URLs on a Computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  1. Visit the Profile: First, head to the Instagram profile you’re interested in.
  2. Highlight and Copy: In the address bar at the top (where the website’s URL is), highlight the link, right-click, and select ‘Copy’.
  3. Ready to Paste: Now, you can paste this link wherever you need – in an email, a text, a blog, or even in a chat with friends.
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  1. Open the Profile: On your Instagram app, go to the profile you want to share.
  2. Tap the ‘Vertical Ellipsis’: Look for those three vertical dots in the top-right corner and tap them to open a menu.
  3. Select ‘Copy Profile URL’: Tap this option, and Instagram will let you know that the link has been copied with a little message saying “Link copied.”
  4. Paste Away!: Now, you can paste this link into messages, emails, social media posts, or wherever you’d like to share it.

And there you have it – copying Instagram profile URLs is a piece of cake! You can paste them anywhere you need, anytime. It’s a great way to share cool profiles with your friends or save them for later.

Wrapping It Up: Instagram URLs Aren’t That Tricky!

So, we’ve had a pretty cool journey exploring the world of Instagram URLs, haven’t we? Instagram can be a little quirky when it comes to sharing and copying these links. Some links, like the ones for posts with awesome photos or videos, are super easy to share from both the app and your browser. But when it comes to your own profile URL, things get a bit different – you’ll need to use a browser for that.

While you can easily grab other people’s profile URLs from both the mobile app and a browser on your PC or laptop, your own profile link needs a little more effort. Just remember, whether it’s a cool post or a friend’s profile, sharing it is just a few taps or clicks away.

You might be thinking, “I don’t need to share Instagram links.” But trust me, there’ll come a time when you’ll want to share that hilarious video or awesome profile you found. And now, you’re totally ready for it!

So, there you go! Instagram URLs might seem a bit weird at first, but now you’re an expert at finding and sharing them. Go ahead and spread the Instagram love!

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