How To Feel More Confident Using Technology?

Issac Glantz
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how to feel more confident using technology

Some people can pick up new pieces of technology easily, and integrate devices as fundamental parts of their everyday lives. Others may feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to new pieces of tech, and may not even have any smart devices at all.

If you’re in the latter group, then there are many reasons you should look to to feel more comfortable with technology.

The Benefits of Getting to Grips with Technology

Technology is inescapable, even if you’re not the biggest fan of gadgets and devices. In learning more about using technology confidently, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a tech-lover or kit yourself out with the most expensive pieces of equipment. It simply means learning an extremely relevant and in-demand skill in today’s world, which can benefit both your personal life and your professional one.

Most jobs would expect a very basic knowledge of using technology, like basic computer skills, using email and connecting devices, but others may require a more thorough understanding. If you’re looking to become more confident with technology to boost your career, then there are many roles that this will be applicable for.

Certain devices and apps can also make personal jobs a lot easier and more efficient, such as managing documents, sharing media or information and storing your data, so there will always be a benefit to becoming more confident with that.

How to Use Technology Confidently

Be Open-Minded

If you’re overwhelmed by technology, your natural reaction to introducing new tech into your life might be to deny it and stick with what you’ve always known. However, that isn’t the way to learn and progress. Be open-minded about what new technology can do for you. If you think there is something you would enjoy having or which could be beneficial, like a tablet or newer version of a smartphone, then be open to it.

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Research the item and understand what it can do for you so that you can feel more positive about it.

Look for Official Training Courses 

If you want the most dedicated way to learn more about technology and relevant processes, you can enroll in training courses to learn and build your skills. You can choose the most relevant tech skills courses, like Azure Cloud tutorials to learn more about the cloud, and become certified in the process to boost your professional resume.

Training courses can therefore help to build confidence with relevant tech topics, as well as help your career and skillset.


Look for any and every opportunity to try technology out. Mess around with technology display models in stores to see what they can do. Ask a friend or family member to show you their latest device and ask to try it out.

You can also invest in a piece of tech directly to use and practice with, and you can always look at refurbished and basic models to save money and build your confidence with.

In Summary

Building your confidence with technology doesn’t mean you have to know and use everything. Seeking out a few key items which you would like to learn about, and which can help your lifestyle, like cloud services or smart devices, is a great starting point.

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