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How to Evaluate an Anti-Malware Application


The need to purchase a comprehensive anti-malware application is mounting in importance for many reasons. New cyber threats are surfacing regularly, and existing ones are gaining sophistication levels.

The anti-malware solution should protect all your endpoint devices. Endpoint devices are any devices you use to access the web, such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.

The anti-malware suite should ideally have add-ons such as a VPN client and browser-level protection.

The first and most essential step before purchasing the right solution for you and your family is to download a free trial from a highly reputable cyber security company with a proven track record and many long-time satisfied clients.

When it pertains to cyber security and your cyber privacy, you should take the wise step of purchasing a solution from a company dedicated to combatting malware 24/7.

Although Windows has built-in free virus scanners and security features, Microsoft is not a cyber security company. With a growing roster of zero-day exploits and new types of attacks, such as a whaling attack type, it is more important than ever to purchase a comprehensive cyber protection suite from a company focused exclusively on cyber threat protection.

Let’s further delve into the vital step of evaluating a comprehensive cyber security suite with some tips to help you along the way.

Company Reputation & Track Record

With the democratization of information, there are fewer topics than ever that we can say ‘I don’t know enough about this. Looking for a reputable cyber security firm for personal or business use is no different. First, do a simple google search, then research macro-level details that can tell you a lot right off the bat.

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Check if the company has won any awards? Research macro details such as how long the company has been in business and its current market share in the anti-malware field. Look for third-party reviews of the product and user reviews. Once you have short-listed 3-5 companies, then download their free trials and start evaluating one by one.

Anti-Malware App User Experience

Anti-malware products are usually purchased with one or two-year deals, so it is very important to be sure that the user interface, features and all aspects of your user experience are seamless and intuitive. Paying close attention to your overall user experience is vital; it is similar to test driving a new car or purchasing a new office desk chair.

Company Curated Content

In our day and age of instant information and nano-second updates, users rely on content more than ever, consequently content is the King and throne. From getting help on using the product to learning more about cyber security, the content curated by the company will tell you a great deal about the company and how well they are likely to deliver technical support throughout your usage life cycle. Feeling comfortable and connected to the content is of paramount importance.

Product Add-Ons

It is advisable to test out add-ons such as a VPN – Virtual Private Network client, which will take your cyber privacy to the next level. Those add-ons may prove much more important than meets the eye at first glance.

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