How To Enable Dark Mode For TikTok

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Have you ever felt like your phone’s bright light is just too much for your eyes, especially at night? Well, you’re not alone! Dark Mode is this super cool feature that a lot of apps and devices have these days. It changes the background to dark, so it’s easier on your eyes. And guess what? You can do this on TikTok too! But, not every phone or device has it yet. Let’s dive into how you can get TikTok’s Dark Mode on your gadget.

As of June 2022, if you’ve got an Android phone, you might have noticed that TikTok doesn’t have a Dark Mode option yet. But, there’s a little bit of hope because some people who test new TikTok features (beta testers) have tried Dark Mode on Android. So, fingers crossed, it might come to your phone soon!

On the other hand, if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you’re in luck! TikTok has added Dark Mode for you guys. Here’s how you can switch it on:

#1 Turning On Dark Mode in TikTok for iPhone and iPad:

    • Make sure your iPhone’s iOS is updated to version 13 or later, and your TikTok app is the latest version.
    • Open TikTok and tap on ‘Me’ (it’s at the bottom right corner).
    • Click the ‘More’ button at the top right (it looks like three horizontal lines).
    • Go to ‘Dark Mode’ in the ‘Content and Activity’ section.
    • Choose ‘Dark’ to switch to Dark Mode.
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Cool Tip: If you want TikTok to automatically switch between light and dark modes based on your iPhone’s settings, choose ‘Use device settings’ instead of Dark Mode.

#2 Setting Up Your iPhone for Dark Mode:

    • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.
    • Tap ‘Display & Brightness’.
    • Select ‘Dark’ in the ‘Appearance’ section to turn on Dark Mode for your phone.

Even Easier Method:

  • Swipe down from the top right corner to open the ‘Control Center’.
  • Press and hold the ‘Brightness control’.
  • Tap the appearance mode button (lower-left corner) to switch between Light and Dark Mode.

Extra Handy Trick: Add a Dark Mode switch to your ‘Control Center’ for quick access!

#3 Automatic Switching Between Light and Dark Themes:

    • In the iPhone’s ‘Appearance’ section, choose ‘Automatic’ to let your phone switch modes based on the time of day.
    • You can set ‘Sunset to Sunrise’ for automatic changes or pick your own times with ‘Custom Schedule’.

Desktop and Laptop Users: For those using TikTok on computers, there’s no official Dark Mode yet. But, you can use a cool extension called ‘Turn Off the Lights’ in your web browser.

#4 Installing ‘Turn Off the Lights’ for Browser TikTok:

    • Go to the ‘Turn Off the Lights’ download center in your browser.
    • Find the download link for your browser.
    • Click the link, and follow the steps to install.

Once installed, you can easily switch to Night Mode on TikTok and even customize it with different colors and settings!

The Wrap-Up: Embrace the Dark Side on TikTok

So, there you have it – your guide to turning on Dark Mode in TikTok. It’s a bummer that Android users are still waiting, but for everyone else, it’s pretty straightforward to switch to this eye-friendly mode. Now, you can scroll through TikTok any time of the day (or night!) without worrying about eye strain.

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Hey, did you manage to switch to Dark Mode on TikTok? I’m curious – do you find yourself using TikTok more during the day, or are you a night owl scrolling through videos? Share your stories and experiences down in the comments. Let’s chat about how this Dark Mode thing is working out for you! 🌟👀🌙

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