How To Effectively Manage The Shift Of Working Employees?

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how to effectively manage shift of working employees


Not sure of how to effectively manage the shift of your employees? We have got you covered.

Most shift managers think that effective shift scheduling is easy; just create an optimal work schedule, and the organization will never be understaffed. Well, effective shift scheduling is everything but that.

With so many shift scheduling patterns, it is hard to develop one pattern that will work for your organization. Creating a shift schedule for your organization is not a simple task. Even if you have created a schedule plan, there is no guarantee that it will work at 100% efficiency.

Fortunately, there are software applications that offer tailor-made solutions to the organization. Time management software allows shift managers to develop the perfect shift schedule that completely meets the business needs. If you want time management software for your organization, Download the time attendance app from

What Makes A Great Attendance App?

A great attendance app has all the relevant checklists that ensure effective shift management of the employees. It includes:

  • Smooth timetable management.
  • Simple-to-use Dashboards.
  • Streamlining the admission process.
  • Attendance management.

How To Manage Employees’ Shift Effectively?

If you are still reading, that means you understand the importance of having an attendance management software tool for your business. So let’s not make you wait any longer and move onto the steps for managing employees effectively.

Step 1: Understand The Needs

The first step to deploy the right shift management plan is to understand your organization’s needs. Next, determine what your employee with the specific job is expected to complete in a given time frame.

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Once you know your resources, you can specify the task of every job role. Of course, these tasks will be different from each other depending on organizational needs.

Step 2: Predict Future Activity levels

Use your current activity graph to predict the future activity. Consider every sales cycle, collect all the relevant data that will help you make accurate predictions, and plan accordingly.

With this information, you will have an outline of the amount of work you will have in the future and the number of employees needed to complete the work.

NOTE: you must also consider the fact that some employees are more productive than others and some are underproductive. While calculating your work-time ratio, incorporate this factor to have more accurate predictions with the future work.

Step 3: Consider Your Staff Needs

Once you have all the information at your disposal, the next thing you need is to come with a plan balanced and optimized against your employee’s needs. That means your plan must consider:

  • Giving your employees an advance notice period.
  • Allocate a fair amount of shifts to the employees.
  • Match the shifts with the right staff.
  • Provide flexibility to the employees to choose shifts.

While you are planning an effective shift management schedule, do not forget to have a contingency plan if some of the employees are not available for work.

Step 4: Select A Staff Scheduling Method

Finally, it is time to create a schedule. There are there different ways to outline your plan so that you remember it.

  • Pen & Paper: Using pen and paper to create a schedule is the simplest way but also time-consuming.
  • Scheduling Software: Employee scheduling software saves a lot of time and money. It is also easier to make changes and share with your team members easily.
  • Google Excel Sheet: It is more advanced than using Pen and Paper, but the time and energy you invest remain the same.
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Scheduling Employees Effectively

Effective employee scheduling can be an effective process that can see no end. However, no matter which method you choose to implement, you will never reach 100% efficiency. This is because of the uncertainties employees bring with them.

Fortunately, there are software applications like Steffany that help the shift manager to make the shift management process smoother.

That being said, we conclude our article. We hope that you were able to gather relevant information and this article was able to add value to your life. If there are any other queries, feel free to ask them, we will be obliged to answer them all.

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