How to connect your TV to iPhone?

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how to connect your tv to iphone

One of the most frequently asked questions by the iPhone owners are how I can connect my iPhone to the TV. Well, depending on the method that you may be interested in, it is quite easy for you to connect your TV and Apple iPhone. You can do it either with or without the cable. So, in this article, we will present to you the different possibilities that ensure iPhone screen mirroring.

Now, before we get there, you need to know that there are a bunch of reasons why you would want to pair your TV and an iPhone. It would be because you would want to view all the pictures that you captured on your iPhone on the big screen of the TV or simply because you wish to stream your favourite TV show or movies.

However, what is essential to know is that the Apple smartphone can be connected to TV only with the use of additional hardware or software. So, without any further ado, we would like to present to you a few different possibilities that you can explore.

Connecting the TV and the iPhone via Apple TV and AirPlay

Robert, an educator who offers English Homework Help with TFTH, says that anytime he wishes to connect his TV and iPhone, his first choice is using the Apple TV 2. Well, it is undoubtedly one of the easiest methods of connecting. With it, the ecosystem of Apple just works right. It makes the software incredibly appealing to so many people.

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Please know that if you have to pair your TV and iPhone, you do not need to own the latest model of Apple TV. You can find the older gen models on Amazon for sale, but of course, they are not any cheaper. If you opt for even the fourth-gen Apple TV, even that would cost you about 150 bucks on Amazon.

Further, we would like to bring to your notice that it is not the cheapest ways of connecting the TV and the iPhone. However, it is indeed believed to a worthwhile option for people who would want to use Apple TV to watch Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming platform.

After you have set up the Apple TV, it would be easy for you to pair it with an iPhone.

  • You need to ensure that Apple TV and iPhone are both registered on the same network.
  • You have to swap your iPhone from the top and take it to the bottom.
  • Towards the left, you will see an option called the Screen Synchronisation.
  • Select that, and you can see the Apple TV listed right there. Once you tap onto it, your iPhone will be mirrored to your TV.

Connect the TV and iPhone with Amazon Fire TV stick

Jason, an educator offering business analytics online courses, says that he uses the Amazon Fire TV stick as a way of pairing the iPhone and the TV. However, having just the Fire TV stick would not suffice. You will have to visit the App store of the Fire TV and look for the app called the AirPlayMirror Receiver. You can try this application for 15 minutes at zero cost. Trust us when we say this, it is indeed worth it. The app is perfect for viewing pictures on TV and playing videos. If you like the application, you can buy the paid version of it. The paid version is super cheap and will cost you only five bucks. Another alternative that offers similar services is the AirBeam app. It allows you to cast your iPhone or other portable device to a variety of smart TVs.

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Connect the TV and the iPhone using the Google Chromecast

Martha, an educator, working with FineGrades, says that she owns the Google Chromecast device, and she uses it to connect her iPhone and TV. Well, the Google streaming device is indeed another helpful way of mirroring the iPhone on your TV. You can avail of the Chromecast 3 from Google at anywhere between 30-40 pounds per dollars. To connect the TV and the iPhone with Chromecast, you need to:

  • Download the replica application from the apple store.
  • The app will look for the Google Chromecast.
  • After the device appears, you can select it.
  • Now, you can start with screen mirroring, and your iPhone screen appears on the TV.

If you know any more alternative applications to this, we would want to know. So, do let us know through the comments below.

Connect the TV and the iPhone via cable

Stacey, an educator who helps students do their homework and works with TAE, says that she is using the Lighting-to-HDMI cable to pair the television and the iPhone. The original cable of Apple is indeed expensive. So, if you do not wish to spend so much on the cable, you can look for other compatible cables, which are cheaper, and can be availed at less than 20 bucks from Amazon.

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