How To Connect Wyze Camera To New WiFi

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Hey there! If you’ve got a Wyze Camera, you know it’s a pretty cool device. But let’s be real – setting it up can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to connecting it to a new Wi-Fi network. It’s like this little puzzle that Wyze didn’t give us all the pieces to.

Imagine you’ve just moved to a new place or switched to a different internet service provider (ISP). That means a new Wi-Fi network, right? And here’s where it gets a bit tricky with your Wyze Camera. You’d think Wyze would have made this part easier, but don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems. Sure, it’s not super straightforward and might take a bit longer than you’d like, but I’ve got your back!

Keep reading, and I’ll walk you through how to get your Wyze Camera hooked up to your new Wi-Fi. We’ll tackle those little bumps in the road together and get your camera up and running in no time. 📷💪🏼

Switching Wi-Fi Connections on Your Wyze Camera

Alright, let’s talk about how to connect your Wyze Camera to a new Wi-Fi network. Think of it like setting up a brand new camera. You don’t need to mess with your old settings or make changes to your existing Wyze Cam. Just pretend you’re starting fresh with the same camera.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make things super easy:

  1. Setting Up Like It’s Brand New: If it’s been a while since you first set up your Wyze Cam, or if you’ve forgotten how, no worries! The process is straightforward. You’ll need a power source (like a power outlet or USB port), the Wyze app (make sure it’s updated) from the App Store or Google Play Store, and, of course, an internet connection.
  2. Update Everything: Before you start, update your app and check if your camera needs any firmware updates. This ensures everything runs smoothly.
  3. Launch and Log In: Open the Wyze app on your phone. Log in if you need to.
  4. Power Up and Get Ready: Connect your Wyze Camera to a USB port or a power outlet. Wait for about 30 seconds until it flashes yellow.
  5. Hit the Setup Button: There’s a Setup button on the back of your camera. Press and hold it until you hear “Ready to Connect.”
  6. Add Your Device: Go back to your phone app. Look for the ellipsis (three dots) at the top right and tap on “Add a Product.” Choose the right device type like Wyze Cam, Pan, Sensor, Bulb, etc.
  7. Follow the Setup Instructions: The app will guide you through the setup. Be patient, it might take a little time.
  8. Choose the Right Wi-Fi Network: Remember, Wyze Cams need a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, not 5 GHz. Pick your new Wi-Fi network and enter the password.
  9. Scan the QR Code: The app will show a QR code. Point your Wyze Cam at it until you hear “QR code scanned.” Then, confirm in the app.
  10. Rename Your Camera (Optional): After you’ve connected, you can rename your Wyze Cam. Just select it from the device list, hit the gear icon, and type in a new name.
  11. Repeat for Multiple Cameras: If you’ve got more than one Wyze Camera, just repeat these steps for each.
  12. Customize Your Settings: Once everything’s connected, you can play around with the settings, like motion and sound detection.
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And there you go! Your Wyze Camera is all set up with your new Wi-Fi network. Now you can get back to capturing all those important moments without any hassle. 🎥👍🏼

Updating Firmware on a Wyze Camera

Keeping your Wyze Camera updated is key to making sure it works smoothly. Whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or not, there’s a way to update the firmware. Let’s dive into both methods:

Updating Firmware Using the App (For Wi-Fi Connected Cameras)

If your Wyze Camera is already connected to Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wyze App: Start by opening the Wyze app on your phone.
  2. Access Your Camera’s Settings: Tap on your Wyze Camera, then click on the settings icon (it looks like a little gear) in the top right of your screen.
  3. Go to Device Info: Once in settings, find and tap on ‘Device Info.’
  4. Check for Firmware Updates: Here, tap on ‘Firmware Version.’ If there’s an option to upgrade, that means there’s a new firmware version available. If not, your camera is already up-to-date.
  5. Install the Update: If an upgrade is available, go ahead and install it to keep your camera running smoothly.

Manual Firmware Update (When Not Connected to Wi-Fi)

If your camera isn’t connected to the internet, you’ll need to update the firmware manually:

  1. Download the Firmware: Head over to the Wyze Release Notes & Firmware page. Find the right firmware for your camera model and download it.
  2. Prepare the microSD Card: If you haven’t already, insert your camera’s microSD card into your computer. Extract the downloaded files to the root directory of the SD card. This is usually the first folder you see when you open the card on your computer.
  3. Insert the Card into the Camera: With your camera powered off, put the microSD card back into it.
  4. Start the Update Process: Hold down the setup button on your camera, then plug in the USB cable. Keep holding the button until the light turns purple (for Wyze Cam v3) or blue (for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan).
  5. Wait for the Update to Complete: This might take up to 4 minutes. The camera will restart once the update is done.
  6. Check Your Camera: After the restart, your camera should be running the updated firmware.
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By following these steps, whether you’re updating via Wi-Fi or manually, you can ensure your Wyze Camera is always operating with the latest features and security updates. 🛠️📷💡

Wrapping Up: Navigating Your Wyze Camera’s Wi-Fi Switch

It might feel a bit of a hassle to go through the whole setup process again just because you changed your Wi-Fi network, but as things stand (at least as of October 2019), this is what we’ve got to work with.

It’s kind of a bummer, I know. You’d think that in this age of smart tech, your Wyze Camera would just pick up on a new network and make the switch a breeze. Maybe down the road, Wyze will roll out some cool update that does just that – fingers crossed! 🤞

But hey, until that day comes, you’ve got this guide to help you out. Whether you’re setting up one camera or a whole bunch, these steps will make sure you can jump onto new networks without too much fuss. Just follow along, and you’ll have your Wyze Cameras connected and doing their thing in no time. Happy monitoring! 📸🌐👍

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