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Hey there, HBO Max fans! You know how HBO Max keeps track of what you’re watching and saves it in the ‘Continue Watching’ category? It’s super handy for jumping right back into your favorite shows or movies. But sometimes, there’s stuff in there you don’t want to keep seeing, right? Maybe you started a movie and didn’t like it, or you’re just done with a show. No worries! I’m here to guide you through the easy steps to clean up that list.

How To Clean Up on Your Computer

First things first: You’ll probably find it easiest to do this on your computer. HBO Max works great with Windows and Mac, and any popular web browser will do the trick. Ready to tidy up your ‘Continue Watching’ list? Let’s go!

  1. Log In: Fire up HBO Max on your browser and log in.
  2. Find Your Account: See that account icon in the top-right corner? Click it.
  3. Head to ‘My Stuff’: A menu pops up. Click on ‘My Stuff’.
  4. Visit ‘Continue Watching’: Now, click on ‘Continue Watching’.
  5. Edit Time: In the top-right of this new menu, hit the ‘Edit’ button.
  6. Remove What You Don’t Want: You’ll see everything you’ve started. Each one has a ‘Remove’ button. Just click on what you don’t want to see anymore. You can do this as many times as you need.
  7. Wipe the Slate Clean: Want to clear everything? Choose ‘Clear all’ at the top.
  8. All Done: Click ‘Done’ once you’re finished.
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That’s it! You’ve now got a neat and tidy ‘Continue Watching’ section.

How To Tidy Up on Your Phone

Got your phone handy? The steps are super similar to what we just did on the computer, with a tiny twist. Here’s how you do it on your phone, whether you’ve got an Android or an iOS device:

  1. Open HBO Max App: Tap open your HBO Max app.
  2. Tap Your Profile: Your profile icon is waiting for you in the lower right corner. Tap it.
  3. Select ‘Continue Watching’: A menu will show up. Choose ‘Continue Watching’.
  4. Time to Edit: Tap ‘Edit’ in the upper right corner.
  5. X Marks the Spot: You’ll see all your shows and movies with a little ‘X’ next to them. Tap the ‘X’ on anything you don’t want to continue watching, then hit ‘Done’.

And just like that, you’re done! If you want to start over completely, just hit ‘Clear all’. Remember, these steps are the same for both Android and iOS devices.

How to Create a My List on HBO Max?

Hey, HBO Max fans! Ever feel overwhelmed by all the awesome shows and movies out there and wish you had a way to keep track of what you want to watch? Well, HBO Max has got you covered with the ‘My List’ feature. It’s perfect for when you stumble upon something cool but don’t have the time to watch it right then.

Adding Titles to ‘My List’

Here’s how you can add all your must-watch stuff to ‘My List’:

  1. Log In to HBO Max: Start by logging into your HBO Max account.
  2. Find Something Cool: Browse around and when something catches your eye, select it.
  3. Add to Your List: See that ‘+ Add to My List’ button? Click it, and boom, it’s on your list!
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Feel free to add as many shows or movies as you like. These steps work both on the HBO Max mobile app and the web version. Super easy, right?

A Quicker Way on Your Computer

Using HBO Max on your computer? There’s an even faster way:

  • Hover and Click: Just hover over a title. You’ll see an “Add” button. Click it, and the title will go straight to your ‘My List’ section.

Accessing ‘My List’

Now you might be wondering, “How do I find my list?” It’s a piece of cake:

  • Go to Your Account: Click on your account name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select ‘My List’: ‘My List’ is right there, just above the ‘Continue Watching’ section. Click it, and you’ll see all the stuff you’ve added.

Wrapping Up: The Simplicity and Convenience of HBO Max

Alright, as we wrap up this guide on HBO Max, let’s appreciate how straightforward and user-friendly it is. Unlike some streaming platforms that can be a bit of a maze, HBO Max keeps things simple and easy. This simplicity really enhances our viewing experience, doesn’t it?

Got something in your ‘Continue Watching’ section that you’re not into anymore? No sweat! Just a few clicks and you can clear it out. HBO Max makes it super simple to manage this section, so your viewing list always reflects what you’re actually interested in.

And hey, building your watchlist on HBO Max? It’s a breeze! Add all the shows and movies you’re excited about and watch them at your own pace. The flexibility to grow your watchlist as much as you want is one of the coolest features of HBO Max.

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Since HBO Max is a relatively new player in the streaming game, we’re all kind of learning together. This article aimed to answer some common questions and make your HBO Max experience even better.

Before I sign off, I’m super curious: What’s your favorite TV show or movie on HBO Max? Everyone’s got their top picks, and I’d love to hear yours. Drop your favorites in the comments below. Let’s see which shows and movies are winning hearts!

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