How To Change The Theme On A PS5

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By Stuart Williams 7 Min Read

Have you ever noticed how your PS5’s background changes when you switch games?

That’s because the PS5 has a dynamic theme feature. This cool tool automatically switches wallpapers or backgrounds to match the game you’re playing. Sony designed the PS5’s user interface to make your gaming experience more fun and engaging. But, there’s a catch – you can’t really tweak these themes yourself. This might be a bit of a letdown if you love personalizing your gadgets.

There’s been some buzz about a possible update that could let us play around with these themes. But, until Sony officially announces it, we can’t be too sure. Don’t worry, though! Your PS5 is still a treasure trove of neat tricks and customizations waiting to be discovered. Stick with me, and I’ll guide you through all the cool stuff you can do with your PS5 to make it truly yours. We’re about to dive into a world of customization options and fresh features that’ll turn your console experience from good to great! 🎮✨

A Creative Way to Change Wallpaper on a PS5

Step 1: Find Your New Wallpaper

Since the PS5 doesn’t let us change the dynamic wallpapers directly, we need to get a bit inventive. Here’s a clever workaround to set your favorite image as the wallpaper:

  1. Start the Journey: Press the PlayStation button on your controller.
  2. Navigate to Friends: Go to “Game Base” at the bottom, leading you to the “Friends” menu.
  3. Message Icon: Choose the message icon here.
  4. Find a Browser: Click on “Search-Browser.”
  5. Enter a Search Engine: Type in (or in the chat box.
  6. Launch the Search: Press R2 to send this as a message.
  7. Open the Browser: Click on the message to launch it.
  8. Image Search: Once in Bing, select “Images” at the top and search for your desired wallpaper.
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Step 2: Capture and Edit

Next, let’s grab and tweak that wallpaper:

  1. Pick the Perfect Wallpaper: Choose one from the search results. If you’ve got a 4K TV, aim for a 3840×2160 resolution.
  2. Screenshot Time: Press and hold the create (or share) button on your controller to take a screenshot.
  3. Edit Like a Pro: Go to the screenshot menu and select your image. Use the editing tools to crop and zoom until it’s just right.

Step 3: Set Your New Wallpaper

Finally, let’s put that new wallpaper up:

  1. Replace the Original: Choose “Replace Original” to set your screenshot as the new wallpaper.
  2. Profile Settings: Press the PlayStation button, go to your profile, and select “Edit Profile.”
  3. Make the Change: Click “Change Image,” pick your edited screenshot, and save it.
  4. Admire Your Work: Head back to your profile to see your new PS5 wallpaper in action!

By following these steps, you’ll give your PS5 a personal touch that reflects your style. Happy customizing! 🌟🎮

What Makes PS5 Great

1. Mind-Blowing Graphics

One of the coolest things about the PS5 is its graphics. They’re some of the best you’ll see in gaming consoles today. Thanks to its powerful hardware and specially designed GPU, games look super smooth. You get awesome frame rates and high refresh rates, making your gaming world feel super real. Most games look fantastic at 4K/60fps, and some can even hit 4K/120fps – that’s super sharp!

2. Play Anywhere with Remote Play

Imagine playing your favorite PS5 games on your phone or another device, no matter where you are. That’s what Remote Play does. You can stream your games, hop through menus, and even switch between games using just an internet connection. Left your game on your TV at home? No problem! Pick up right where you left off on your phone. Plus, you can start new games from the app without needing your TV.

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3. A Controller That Feels Real

The new DualSense Controller is something else! It has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that make your gaming feel super real. Imagine feeling the raindrops or the rough terrain in a driving game right through the controller. Shooting games? The triggers get tougher to press when you’re using a heavy weapon. And you can totally customize it – change the button layout, vibration intensity, even swap out parts like stick caps.

4. Super-Fast SSD and Room for More Games

The PS5 comes with an SSD (solid-state drive) that basically makes loading times disappear. Games run smoother and faster. Need more space for all your games? No worries! There’s a spot behind the console’s covers to add more storage.

5. Ray Tracing for Realistic Visuals

This might sound techy, but ray tracing is all about making your games look amazingly real. It’s like having movie-quality lighting and shadows in your games. The PS5 is built to handle this really well. Imagine playing a game where shadows and reflections change just like they would in the real world. It makes everything from water reflections to the way light hits objects look super lifelike.

Wrapping Up: Embracing the PS5 Experience

As we wrap up our exploration of the PS5, it’s important to remember that its theme is pre-set by the system and not open to user customization. This might be a bit of a downer if you love making everything your own, but it’s all about keeping the gaming experience smooth and uniform for everyone.

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But hey, there are still plenty of ways to add your personal touch! You can tweak other settings, or even better, decorate your console and controllers. Imagine making your PS5 setup look and feel just right for you.

Now, I’m curious: What’s your take on this? Would you rather have a theme you can change up or do you like the dynamic theme as is? And which PS5 features get you the most excited? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. Can’t wait to hear what you think! 🌟🎮👇

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