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Have you ever noticed that Discord’s text chat is, well, kind of plain? Sure, you can chat with your friends, but it’s all in the same, regular text. No fun colors, no fancy styles – just plain old words. It might seem like Discord doesn’t have much to offer for a colorful chat experience, but guess what? There’s more to it than meets the eye!

In this article, I’m going to show you some cool tricks to add a splash of color to your Discord chats. Imagine how awesome it would be to have your messages stand out with bold and bright colors! Your friends are going to love it, and your chats will never be boring again. So, let’s dive in and make your Discord experience more colorful and exciting! 🎨✨

How Discord Text Colorization Works

Ever wonder how to make your Discord messages pop with color? It’s like a secret magic trick, and I’m here to reveal it! Discord uses a cool programming language called JavaScript, along with a stylish theme named ‘Solarized Dark’ and a special tool called ‘highlight.js’, to show everything on your screen.

When you hop onto your Discord server, what you see is actually created by some pretty fancy JavaScript tricks, including this ‘highlight.js’ thing.

Now, here’s the scoop: Even though Discord itself doesn’t let you color your text straight away, the JavaScript magic behind the scenes can! It’s like having a secret power to paint your words in the chat. 🎨

To add some color to your messages, you just need to wrap your text in a special code, like a text sandwich. Imagine you have three layers: the top and bottom are the bread (that’s the code part), and your message is the yummy filling in the middle. That’s how you tell Discord, “Hey, I want this text to be colorful!”

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Using the “Back Quote” Symbol

Want to make your Discord texts colorful? The key to this cool trick is a little symbol on your keyboard called the backquote (it looks like this: \``). It's usually hanging out in the top left corner, chilling with the Tilde symbol (~`).

1. Starting Your Colorful Message Adventure

First things first, let’s start your colorful message! Begin with three backquote symbols (“`) in a row. Right after these symbols, type a special code word that’s like a secret handshake telling Discord what color to use. Here’s a sneak peek of how it starts:


📝 Note: You might use different words like “Tex” instead of “CSS” depending on the rainbow of colors you want to create. Don’t worry; we’ll get into that.

2. Write Your Message

Next, just type your message as you normally would. Remember, if you want to start a new line without sending the message, press Shift + Enter. Hitting Enter on its own sends your message flying into the chat!

3. Closing the Magic Code

Finally, end your message with three more backquotes. This part is super easy because it doesn’t change, no matter what color you’re aiming for. Here’s how it looks:


And that’s it! Now your message should shine in the chat with the color you chose. It’s like adding a splash of paint to your words!

Inputting Your Text

So, you’re ready to add some color to your Discord chats? Awesome! There are two super easy ways to do it:

1. Copy-Paste Like a Pro

First up, if you’re a fan of being super organized, you can create a text file on your computer. In this file, keep all the different color codes you like. Whenever you want to make your chat colorful, just copy and paste these codes into Discord. It’s like having a secret stash of color magic!

2. Live Typing Adventure

Prefer to live on the edge? You can type the color codes directly into Discord’s chat box. Here’s how you do it:

  • Type your first line of code, then press Shift + Enter. This lets you jump to the next line without sending the message.
  • Now, type your colorful message and press Shift + Enter again.
  • Finally, type your last line of code and hit Enter to send your colorful message into the chat!
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But, hold on! There are a couple of things to remember:

  • You need to do this for each message you want to colorize. Sadly, there’s no magic switch to keep the color going.
  • Your text will appear inside a little box in the chat. It’s like your words are getting a special spotlight!

Your Color Options

Did you know that with some cool codes, you can turn your Discord texts into a rainbow of colors? Besides the usual grey, there are seven more colors you can play with. Let’s dive into this color wonderland and see how to make your messages super vibrant!

Grey: The Classic Look

  • Plain Grey (but in a cool box):
    `Sample Text`

Green: Go Green!

  • Green (sort of like a fresh leaf):
    +This text is going to be great!

    Tip: Start your text with a ‘+’ to turn it green. Or, use a “!” if that’s easier.

Cyan: Cool and Calm

  • Cyan (like the sky on a clear day):
    Sample text

Yellow: Bright Like the Sun

  • Yellow (like sunshine):
    Sample text

Orange: Stand Out!

  • Orange (like a pumpkin):

    Remember: Use an underscore (_) between words to make the whole message orange.

Red: Bold and Beautiful

  • Red (like a fire truck):
    -Sample Text

    Or try this:

    [Sample Text]

Yellowish?: A Hint of Sunshine

  • A Different Shade of Yellow:
    This is a new Message



    Tip: With ‘elm’, capitalize the first letter of each word or use underscores for a full yellow effect.

Blue: Like the Ocean

  • Blue (like the deep sea):
    [This text will be blue]

    Another way:


    Remember: Start with a period (.) for this blue magic!

Advanced Techniques

Ready to become a Discord color wizard? There are some super cool advanced tricks to make your texts even more colorful. It’s like learning secret spells in a wizarding world of coding!

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The Magic of Code Languages

  • Why It Works: These color tricks work because Discord uses them to show code, like in video games or apps. When you start with \“, you’re telling Discord’s ‘highlight.js’ to treat your words like a special code, and that’s where the color magic happens.
  • Experiment with Different Languages: There are different ‘languages’ you can use in Discord to create different colors. It’s like picking a spell from a magic book! Try different ones and see what cool effects you can create.

Blue Color Blues? Try This!

  • A Special Blue Spell: If you’re not happy with your blue color options, there’s a special trick you can try for a different shade.

Colorful Text Tricks

  • Cool Color Coding: There are some neat techniques to add even more color to your texts. It’s like painting with words!

The Tex Trick

  • Vibrant Messages with ‘Tex’: Use \tex` for some really colorful messages. Playing with different symbols can change how your text looks – it’s like adding different flavors to your message!

Check Out More at

  • Learn More: To dive deeper into these color tricks, visit or join the Discord server ‘Discord Highlight.js’.

Discord Bots: Helpers or Not?

  • Colorful Bots?: There are tons of Discord Bots, but guess what? Most of them change colors of roles, not text. So, they might not help much with text colors.

Advanced Discord Tricks

  • Embeds and Webhooks: For the super advanced users, Discord lets you use embeds and webhooks. These are used to display colored blocks and fancy text styles. To see how this works, you can check out ‘Discord Webhook’.

Other Fun Text Styles

  • Make Your Text Stand Out: Besides colors, there are other ways to style your text in Discord:
    • Bold: This is Bold
    • Italics: This is Italicized
    • Bold & Italicized: This is Bold and Italicized
    • Underlined: This makes Underlined text
    • Strikethrough: This is strike-through text
    • Combine Them: You can even mix these styles, like *** underlined, bold, and italicized*** text!

Become a Discord Guru!

  • Share Your Knowledge: Once you’ve mastered these tricks, you might want to teach others. Just remember, to show someone a style like Italicized, put a backslash in your explanation.
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