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How To Benefit From Digital Marketing | A Guide For Photographers – Receptix


Gone are the days when photography was just a hobby for most people. Over the past decade, photography has become a solid career choice for many people. Thanks to the rise of digital media and their passion for capturing moments, photographers are taking over the world by storm. As a result, photography jobs in Mumbai, Delhi, etc are multiplying rapidly.

However, in spite of a large number of job vacancies in Mumbai, it is difficult for artists to work profitably. Keeping up with times is key to leading a successful career irrespective of which domain you are in. That is where digital marketing comes to the rescue. With digital media being a primary mode of communication between people these days, photographers need to step up their game and take advantage of this marketing tool.

In the contemporary world, digital marketing is far more efficient than traditional marketing. You can find dozens of digital marketing jobs in Mumbai, Bangalore, as well as other cities all across the world. But how does it connect to photography?

Why Digital Marketing Benefits Photographers

Photographers who are digital marketing savvy are converting dozens of leads online, drawing the clients they really want to work with, as well as shooting selectively. They get to work selectively because of the high volume of potential gigs they have lined up already.

While talent is necessary to be a good photographer, without marketing your work correctly you can neither attract any clients nor build a brand for yourself.

Here is how you can step up your game with digital marketing:

Keep Your Website Up to Date

As a photographer, you need to keep a portfolio or a website that displays some of your best work. However, merely creating a website and calling it a day will not do. You need to keep updating it regularly. This is necessary because any time a client would want to look for a photographer they will most likely seek the help of a search engine. And if your website is not updated with relevant and new content, it will not show up on those search pages.

Being Active On Social Media

Social media has emerged as one of the most influential digital marketing tools in the past decade. As a photographer, you have a certain advantage when it comes to social media. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, are solely picture driven and you can use that for your benefit. People come to these platforms to find inspiration. Make sure your posts complement your feed, use hashtags that you know your target audience will be drawn too, understand the posting patterns that work better, etc.

Paid Advertising

Effective paid advertising is your best bet to get instant results. With options like Google Adwords and Facebook or Instagram Ads, you can pay to advertise your brand and tap into a niche market. But how do we make paid advertising effective? For instance, when you are paying for Google Adwords, you need to plan in advance. Don’t put out an ad to your homepage – users need to find what they clicked for.

So set up a page that will offer them what they are searching for. You can also take advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads. But whatever you choose to use, you have to keep in mind what the customer is seeking and lead them to the right destination.


Beginning with these steps is enough to take you a boost in the competition. Witnessing major results will take time, but it will be a start for bringing in the right leads your way. Advancing with digital marketing is a great way to begin showcasing your work and generating the right client base.

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