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Instagram has quickly become one of the most followed school networks in the world. I believe that you’re one of them who holds your phone every day and surf on Instagram to see how does Adele loses weight, or what wedding pictures do Johannson and Jost post. Don’t just focus on other people’s lives, in this article I’d help you become a micro-influencer on Instagram through 5 tips.


First of all, you need to know who you are addressing and what your audience’s preferences are, whether you are followed by only fifty friends and acquaintances or tens of thousands of people. To more easily identify information about your audience, I recommend that you switch your profile to business mode. There you can see information about those who follow you, such as the hours of the day when they are most active.

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The bio is that part under your picture where you write things about yourself and you can add links, hence the famous word from the people “link in bio”. This part is the first thing someone reads when they enter your profile, so make sure they say the right thing about you.


Whether you’re just posting pictures of yourself, your creations, or the products you’re trying to sell, Instagram kind of dictates to you how often you post something interesting to show and keep your community up to date with stories. The equation is simple: the more you post, the more likes you get, and the more chances you have to be discovered by other people.


Make sure people know that you have now reshaped your coffee pictures on Instagram and let them know through any medium you already use that you have a profile for all coffee lovers. For example, Instagram already has an option to let you see the profiles of all your Facebook friends that you can follow. But don’t be the kind of person who follows someone and then hits them on the cheek if they don’t get follow back.


Of all the social platforms, on Instagram, you can enjoy the greatest engagement , ie likes, and comments. That is why pictures, their descriptions, and stories must be constructed in such a way that people want to interact with them.

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