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How Technology Is Disrupting The Golf Game


A crocus pushing its way through the last patches of snow means the arrival of spring and, to many people, the prospect of hearing the solid thwack of a golf ball is like sweet music. This ritual has lasted through several centuries for many devoted golfers, but the game has changed fast in the last few years.

It is a fact that technology is changing the game of golf, and the increased popularity is great. There are several ways in which the game of golf is affected by the advent of technology, including how you play the game and enjoy it. Read on as we discuss these changes further.

Stopping the Technological Advances in Golf

There are many people out there who believe it is time to stop the technological advances in golf. These advances already might have gone a bit too far. Most players nowadays can carry the ball up to 300 yards on the tee off.

This was unusual a few years ago, where the average distance used to be 266 yards. It is not because of the greater skill or strength of modern players, but due to the technological advances in the equipment. A better-dimpled pattern of golf balls has made them more aerodynamic in their flight. The trampoline effect by titanium golf clubs has also contributed to these incredible advances.

Are the Modern Professional Golfers Better?

One question that comes to mind is whether the golfers today are better than those in the past. Well, their records seem to suggest so. The numbers put up by people like Tiger Woods and John Daly are astonishing, especially with the distances achieved on the tee-offs.

It might lead you to believe that they are better, but if you look at the past golfers such as Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, and Ben Hogan, you will find their mental discipline, temperament, and skills were even better. They would have been equally successful had they been using the modern equipment around today’s golf courses.

Negative Impact on the Golf Courses

Jack Nicklaus a few years ago was warning the golf fraternity about the increased carry. The distance the golf ball is traveling nowadays is having a definitive negative impact on the architecture of the golf course and of course on the whole nature of the game.

All the classical courses such as Merion, Pine Valley, and Pebble Beach are in a spot of bother. Many of them are being re-bunkered, lengthened, and widened in different areas to accommodate the longer tee-offs. All this is also causing the game to lose its charm and character.

Folks Saying the Changes are for Good

Many people believe that these changes are for good and will be great for practicing your swing besides bringing more spectators to the game. This is because the better technology used in balls and clubs makes an average player shoot better and this makes the sport more enjoyable. It is a welcome thought to attract more people to the game.

However, a 60-year-old person these days can hit the golf ball longer than he ever did in his life, and you are supposed to lose power as you grow older! Now you have the equipment which will be a replacement for power. So, technology is just creating an illusion of better quality but in reality, it is just the allure of power.

It’s not all bad though. The use of technology for broadcasting the events makes for a terrific viewing experience and a close look at how good the pros are. It has made the game more interesting without a doubt but, like everything else, in a lifetime it is significant to find the right balance. The managers of the game need to be selective and ensure that the game is more enjoyable and accessible.

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