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How Quality E-commerce Photos Impact Store Conversions


The main disadvantage of all online stores is that they can not provide the ability to touch the product and see it in real life. Your task is to do everything possible so that the buyer could examine each product in detail and make a correct opinion about it. To do this, quality photos of the product from shott from different angles should be placed on the website of your store.

It would be even better if you complement each product description with at least a small video or a picture. This will allow clients to decide whether they need such a product, and then avoid claims and returns.

Professional product photos, that clearly and in detail demonstrate all its advantages, is a valuable opportunity to push potential customers to buy. High-quality unique images of products for online store guarantee its store a couple more pleasant bonuses:

  • increased customer confidence;
  • an increase in the rating of the product being sold;
  • additional search traffic if you optimize your photo.

However, not every entrepreneur who has invested in the creation of an online store is also ready to hire professional photographers and pay for studio shootings. Restricted budget when businesses only started to grow will not be an obstacle to create high-quality photo products for the online store if you have a desire to increase your conversion rate. Make sure to find out how much product photography costs to realize that the price is not that big and ignoring the need to create a qualitative visual content you ignore a whole range of prospects to your store.

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The presentation of goods in the online store is one of the most important moments to increase sales. The product you sell may be of good quality, but it is not always possible to reflect it in the photo. Looking through products photographed on dirty, scratched boards, the customer may lose interest in the product. This should be remembered by every shop owner. Whatever you sell, you should present it well in your catalogue. If the trade is in an online store, it is especially important.

The quality of the photo in the online store catalogue is one of the two most important aspects that affect the presentability of the product in the eyes of the buyer. The second is the description of the product itself. Presented aspects are very important and play a significant role in stimulating sales.

The customer’s brain processes the visual image much better than the text read. Articles with images posted on social networks show much better efficiency – these are the number of likes, comments, participation, etc. Pictures will transfer information faster. That is why a product photo plays such an important role. This is remembered by the owners of large stores, who do not always find the right materials.

It is necessary to be firmly aware of the indisputable fact: the visual presentation of your online store products in the photo is almost the only evidence of their quality in the eyes of potential buyers. Ignoring the recommendations on how to make images for the online catalogue of the highest quality entrepreneurs risk to lose the reputation of their online store and its future conversions.

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Neither stylish web design of the resource, nor convenient navigation, nor even a democratic pricing policy won’t replace the most critical element of success for your store – qualitative product photos. Only product photography can provide the online store with the most possible conversion rate. And photos are effective tools to make e-commerce lucrative.

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