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How Often Can You Use PEMF? Reviews from customers


Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a unique and versatile type of treatment for body pain management. The therapy is known to trigger the body’s natural healing process, promoting a healthy and functional cell. PEMF can provide several health benefits, as well as treat different diseases in the body.

Over the years, using PEMF devices like the PEMF mat has been a major testimony for a lot of patients. Some PEMF mat reviews show that athletes experience healing and recovery after using the device. Luckily, these devices are not just used at home but for professional use too.

If you buy a PEMF device for personal use, it may be a good time to wonder how often you can use it.

How Often Can You Use PEMF Devices?

The question of how often you can use your PEMF device depends on your desired health result. For you to treat the symptoms of a chronic condition such as pain and inflammation from a joint, requires a certain method of treatment than recovering from surgery or healing a broken bone.

For this reason, there are a few basic things you should know about using a PEMF device

  • You can use a PEMF device every single day.
  • Nothing stops you from also using your PEMF device multiple times a day.
  • On a general note, for your PEMF therapy to be complete, you need 30-minute therapy sessions twice a day.

Customer Reviews on PEMF Mats

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy offers several benefits for people who use it. Some of these benefits include increase in blood circulation, healing of wounds and fractures, ease of chronic pain that may be caused by several sources like surgery, osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases and others.

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When it comes to researching PEMF mats, one major question people ask is how well does the device really work? The answer depends on both the research and PEMF mat reviews, as they give details on the experiences from real customers.

PEMF mats work by stimulating healing at different cells, using pulsed magnetic fields. The therapy works to treat deep inside the body to get to the root of the cell damage. When the interaction between the natural positive and negative charges in your body is disrupted, it breaks down the cells.

Restoring these charges with PEMF therapy improves the repair of cells, allowing the body to function well. Research on PEMF devices has also concluded that PEMF therapy is a very safe and non-invasive treatment. Several other proven benefits include activating and stimulating the autonomic nervous system that controls the heart rate, digestion, and other vital body functions.

Moreso, PEMF treatments can also act as a form of acupuncture treatment without needles that affect the acupuncture points. These points can be influenced by light, electrical stimulation, heat, friction, and magnetic fields.

With the different types of PEMF mats available in the market today, it can be tricky to determine which of them will benefit you most. But more than the benefit, it’s crucial to also understand the intended use of the device to know which is best for your needs. Consider the intensity, frequency, and price of these devices as they are all important criterias.

That being said, it is evident that PEMF mats work. Let it work for you!

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When one prioritizes their health and wellness, it becomes possible for them to stay healthy. Investing in PEMF therapy is an investment in your health. When you purchase a PEMF device you are making a decision that will not only improve your overall health but also save money in the long run.

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