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How Much RAM (Memory) Is Enough – For Any PC


Knowing how much RAM is enough for your computer brings you a step close in knowing why your computer suddenly got slower. By now you are wondering why your computer isn’t as fast as when you first bought it.

Or maybe you notice your new computer got slower since your son or grandson came to leave with you. Your son wants to play games over the Internet.

Buying more memory is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways of improving your computer’s performance.

How Much RAM Is Enough For Your PC?

Other than your CPU, the RAM is the next critical element that can affect the speed of your computer. One of the ways to know if your PC needs more memory is by looking at the hard drive light.

If your computer, PC or laptop is running slow and sluggish you will notice the light blinking constantly on and off. Sometimes even if you are not doing anything much there will be constant blinking of the hard drive light.

Let me explain a bit more: when you want to access two files your CPU will request a file and the hard drive will deliver the file to the RAM where it can be processed at a greater speed. The next file you requested also needs to load into the system memory or RAM.

So if there isn’t enough RAM to store both files, then you have to wait until you finish with one file and the system puts it back onto the hard drive for the second file to load. So because there isn’t enough RAM it takes up time and your computer slows down

Upgrading your computer’s memory is one of the most cost effective and the quickest way to increase your computer’s performance. People who are not computer savvy may think installing more RAM is a complicated process but installation is quite simple. It is easy as removing the computer case and inserting the new RAM into an empty memory bank slot.

How much RAM or Memory is Enough?

The average computer comes with the basic requirement which is idle for most users. But more RAM will be needed when you the user wants to use more memory demanding applications and would like your processor or CPU to really work. Now for smoother multitasking you will need to upgrade to even more RAM. As a result you will notice a significant increase in performance.

Remember More RAM (Memory) Increase Performance.

Make sure you know what type of memory is compatible with your computer.

Tip: Go for the fastest speed of RAM your computer can support.

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