How Mobile Phones Can Benefit Businesses In 2022

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how mobile phones can benefit businesses

Mobile phones have revolutionised the way we live and made us more connected than ever before. They have also transformed the way in which we do business. In 2022 we can expect to see an even greater move towards mobile payments and a continuation in the trend for businesses to offer their own mobile apps to achieve better rates of customer engagement. Click here to learn more about mobile app statistics. In this article, you’ll find some key business tips to help you take advantage of mobile phone technology and take your business to greater heights.

The new and improved methods of digital payments

Contactless payments have boomed in popularity in recent years, particularly over the last year, driving a reluctance to handle cash. We’re moving further and further towards a cashless society, which is why it’s so important for businesses to offer on-site and off-site card payment options to their customers.

Mobile technology allows consumers to make contactless payments directly from their phones instead of a debit or credit card. Using apps like Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, customers can simply hold their mobile phone next to a vendor’s NFC (near field communication) payment device to pay. By providing NFC payments, you can give your customers greater flexibility with the way that they shop. Your business doesn’t have to miss out on a potential sale should a customer fail to have their debit card or cash with them. Tablets and even some smartwatches can also be used to make contactless NFC payments.

It’s also possible for businesses to accept contactless payments via their own mobile phones. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate on a mobile basis. Taxi firms and other transportation businesses can have staff accept payments via mobile phones. Retail businesses have the freedom to run pop-up stores or work at other off-site events and process transactions via mobile phones. In the hospitality and catering industries, mobile phone payments can also increase flexibility when it comes to delivering services off-site.

Ways that businesses can accept digital payments

There are three key methods for accepting payments via mobile phones. The first is the use of apps and hardware, in which a phone, tablet or other mobile device works alongside a small, portable chip and pin device. The second is ecommerce, which can allow customers to place and pay for orders via apps on their phones or through merchant service providers. Finally, there’s the use of solely a mobile phone to either scan or input card details via an app.

Unforeseen benefits of creating a mobile app

Mobile apps were once a major investment accessible only to very large businesses and brands, but over recent years app development has become simpler and more affordable in order for small to medium-sized brands to benefit too. There are lots of advantages of mobile apps for businesses, with the first being brand awareness. People use their mobile phones on a daily basis for a wide range of tasks, and with an app, you can capture your customers’ attention right away. Push notifications allow you to inform customers of your latest offers, announcements and new product launches without having to wait for them to visit your premises, website or social media pages.

Mobile apps also have a great ability to build customer loyalty. It’s relatively easy to create loyalty programs via apps to encourage customers to keep returning to your business. Loyalty programs usually reward customers with points or vouchers that can be redeemed against future purchases, and with an app, you can notify customers of these rewards regularly to incentivise them.

Another helpful feature of apps is their ability to improve customer services. Many business apps make it possible for customers to access support via messaging systems so that they don’t have to find time to make a phone call or sit on hold. Many businesses also allow customers to perform simple administrative tasks, such as booking a reservation or changing their contact details, via an app rather than over the phone. These convenient features could put you ahead of the competition, and they could help you to save money by streamlining your customer service procedures.

Apps also make it possible to collect more data on how your customers interact with your brand and products. You can then use this data to continually improve your services. Search patterns, purchasing trends and usage statistics can all be collected automatically by apps to make it easier than ever to analyse customer insights. Plus, you can use the app to ask directly for customer feedback, which can be a helpful way to test the success of your products or services.

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