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Dating After Divorce: How Long to Wait?


It is absolutely normal for people to wish to come back to the dating life after the breakup faster. Remember, you should never seek romantic connections if you are not ready to take responsibility. No matter what is your role in this story: whether you are a recently divorced person or just a person who wants to date a divorcee, you still definitely need to read this article to avoid unnecessary problems.

Should you rush things?

So, to begin with, let’s discuss why it is not okay to search for single ladies on online dating sites and search for new love in general if you still haven’t overcome the break up. You see, you won’t be able to build anything healthy and serious with your new partner. You won’t have emotional ties with your new significant other is you still emotionally live in your past. Furthermore, you will inevitably pour your drama on your new partner. This will lead to terrible consequences. Needless to say that people after divorces often date others solely to forget about ex-partners. It is obvious that this will only lead to pain and false expectations.

Advices on how to come back to romantic life

You see, everyone needs a different amount of time to get ready to start dating again is a very personal matter. Some people recover in a month, while others need a year to be fully ready for dating. Also, this time depends on the problems that you have encountered during your split-up, and on the support that you received from your friends. There are many ways to come back to searching for romantic partners after divorce without unnecessary risk.

#1 Hire a therapist

Sadly, sometimes your friends and relatives won’t be able to help you. If you have found yourself in this situation, then you definitely need to seek professional help. The professional therapist knows what to do in such cases, and he or she will manage to help you recover much faster.

#2 Don’t stay alone for a long time

When people stay alone for too long, they begin digging themselves. This is especially dangerous if you have depression. If you start digging yourself during a depression, you will find a whole bunch of reasons to feel even more miserable. Hence, you need to spend more time with your friends to recover from your divorce faster.

#3 Search for friends, not lovers

In case if you still suffer from loneliness, you may need to bring new people in your life. When doing this, first of all, be honest with them. If they ask you whether you are open to new emotional ties with them, just honestly confess that you are not ready for anything serious yet. Also, don’t give those folks any hits and avoid being too flirty.

#4 Avoid things from your past

For instance, if you still have his or her clothes or some items, you need to find the strength to call them and give them all those things back. Plus, it is great if you dodge connections with your ex unless you have a strong desire to rebuild your relationship with him or her.

#5 Take a trip

Another great way to deal with memories from the past and refresh your life is to take a trip. You go anywhere you want or can afford. Even a short trip to your parents will make a huge difference. It is awesome if some of your friends or relatives can join you.

Your emotions are the best indicators of whether you are ready to come back to dating or not. Just pay attention to your own feelings and emotions. If you decide to date someone, always ask yourself – do you truly like this person or just hate loneliness? Therefore, you will make sure that you won’t start dating until you are 100% ready for it. Also, you won’t hurt anyone by giving them false hopes.

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