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How Is My Area Code Being Used By Spam Callers


Have you noticed that you’ve been getting more phone calls from your area code?

Even though the calls appear to be local, the caller may actually not be located nearby. Instead, the caller may be a remote telemarketer or an automated robocall.

Robocallers Are Spoofing Local Area Codes

Spam callers have begun to leverage our psychology before we even answer the phone. When a local number appears on our caller ID, we’re more inclined to give that caller credibility.

The latest trick by spam callers is to spoof local area codes so that recipients assume that the call is local and relevant. In reality, the caller’s outgoing area code is not determined by where there are geographically; it is a phone number they chose.

How Are Robocallers Able to Choose Their Area Code?

Spam robocalls are nearly always using VoIP technology to power their calls. This internet-based phone service allows them to make massive amounts of calls at very little cost.

Plus with VoIP phone service, they can choose just about any phone number they want. The combination of these two factors allows them to get a phone number in your area code, and then blanket the entire area code with calls.

Because phone numbers are cheap, they can get numbers in several area codes, and use the same method in each targeted area code.

What Should You Do If You Receive a Call from an Unknown Number?

The problem of spam phone calls is getting worse, and last year, Americans received 26 billion robocalls This widespread problem makes it difficult to distinguish if an unknown number is a real contact or a telemarketer.

When you receive a call from an unknown number, the top recommendation from experts is to simply not answer calls. This creates a helpful barrier to protect yourself against the most common frauds.The risk of answering a telemarketing call is that your number is identified as active, which can actually cause you to get more robocalls in the future.

How Can You Find Out Who Called You?

Calls from an unknown phone number can leave you wondering who exactly was calling you. Luckily there are tools that can give you instant answers.

With a reverse phone search on PeopleFinders, you can learn a great deal about the person behind the phone call. You’ll be able to see if the call originated from a landline, cell phone, or VoIP phone. A search will also reveal the address of the caller and the name of their phone service carrier.

This will provide your first set of clues to determine if the caller is legitimate or a spammer.

For example, a missed call that originated from a Verizon cell phone may, in fact, be a legit caller who is trying to get a hold of you.

What Else Can You Learn Just From A Phone Number?

PeopleFinders makes it easy to learn in-depth information. Starting with just a phone number, a full phone report that reveals the owner’s name, current and past contact information, street address, age, date of birth, alternate names, relatives, and other associates.

With this comprehensive approach, you can arm yourself with the information you need so that you won’t get caught off guard. It’s easy to find out more about an unknown caller to determine if they’re a telemarketer, business associate, a parent at your child’s school, or a new contact.

Learn more about how PeopleFinders can help you stay in the know.

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