How Is Cybersecurity Different From Other Tech Industries?

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how is cybersecurity different from other tech industries

Technology is ubiquitous as it surrounds us from all four sides. People wake up with a digital alarm and generally stay indulged with technical devices till they go to bed. Technology has not only paved its way into various industries, but it has also emerged as an independent sector. Technology empowers digital transformation by providing infrastructure to the business world and personal lives. Although digitalization is no longer a new phenomenon, several people are still ignorant about technical matters. They do not possess an understanding of technology. They don’t realize that technology is a broad term that encompasses a variety of technologies.


Cybersecurity has become the buzzword and an essential component of the modern business world. Today, companies prefer saving data on digital means and use modern technology to carry out their routine activities. Cybersecurity provides security against cybercriminals who constantly update themselves with advanced technical skills to carry out malicious attacks. Thus, firms also need an advanced security system to protect their sensitive data. Cybersecurity ensures that firms’ information is secure and gives business leaders peace of mind.

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of modern-day industries, but its characteristics are distinctive from other technologies. Experts say that the upcoming era will witness more technical progression, and tech-savvy people will have the edge over others. Several people who are not aware of cyber threats question why is cybersecurity important and why they should invest in it. The truth is that cybercrimes are rising at an alarming rate, and criminals are coming up with innovative ways to steal data from companies and extort money from them.

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Aside from cybersecurity, the technical industry comprises several other technologies, which are vastly different from it.

Information Security

Infosec is the new term used to describe information security and means ‘data security.’ It aims to keep the integrity and confidentiality of data. Aside from keeping the information secure from unauthorized access, infosec also involves preventing disruption, inspection, recording, disclosure, and data destruction. Information security does not only cover electronic data, but it also aims to keep manual details safe. Areas like Cryptography, Mobile Computing, social media all come under information security. Although information security and cybersecurity both ensure data safety, infosec is relatively a broader term.

Network Security

Network security refers to companies’ measures to secure their underlying networks from misuse, modification, malfunction, improper disclosure, and destruction. Network security includes software solutions and physical preventative measures that companies undertake to keep network infrastructure safe. It establishes a secure platform where computers and other technical devices can perform efficiently within a safe environment.

Network security prevents attacks on networks and does not let cybercriminals reach confidential information; thus, it also protects data in the larger picture. It is a subset of cybersecurity and protects whatever comes in the realm of the network. In addition, it strikes against trojans and keeps the data from traveling across networks through terminals. Viruses and worms are commonly used tactics to launch attacks, and network security provides a shield against them. Cybersecurity is more vast than network security as network security comes under its realm.

Some points that will give an insight into how cybersecurity is different from other industries are as follows:

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#1 Cybersecurity Provides Security to Other Technical Devices

Technology makes life easier for humans by simplifying complex tasks, but it is not without its drawbacks. Cybercriminals launch attacks through different digital means and aim to harm people’s technical devices. Cybersecurity keeps other technologies safe by keeping the attacks at bay and not letting them break other technologies. Other technologies, such as cloud technology, AI, machine learning, or 3D technology, need security to function seamlessly without being exposed to threats from cybercriminals.

Moreover, in modern companies and homes, multiple devices are connected to the IoT. Cybercriminals can reach one device and, through IoT, damage the whole technical system. Breach in security, even in one of the devices, can pull the entire system down. Cybersecurity protects all devices and keeps them running without any hindrances.

#2 Secures Productivity

With the speed of technology bringing revolution and cybercriminals acquiring the latest skills, technical devices have become vulnerable and can encounter attacks from any corner. Today, people require holistic security to ensure that their functioning is safe and their data will not land in the wrong hands. One cyberattack can make people’s efforts of months go down the drain within minutes, leaving them empty-handed. Applying appropriate cybersecurity measures saves time and improves people’s productivity. While other technological businesses strive to help people work more efficiently with less effort and time, cybersecurity ensures that people’s efforts do not go in vain.

#3 Involvement of Humans

The most significant disadvantage of technology is that it is devoid of human touch. However, one of the characteristics that set cybersecurity apart from other technologies is its element of humans. Experts say that humans are the focal point of cybersecurity as they are the primary target. Most organizations see cyberattacks through IoT where humans have made judgment errors and make their systems vulnerable to attacks. Tech-savviness makes people realize the threats and act accordingly.

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Cybercriminals aim to harm humans, and they primarily launch attacks because of human mistakes. Most hackers make other people believe to click something or accept a request, promising them a substantial gift in return. They use these tactics to lure people into believing something, and it leads to a security breach. People who fall prey to such scams give cybercriminals a way into their systems and lose their data. Cybersecurity protects humans by preventing scams and hacking attacks.


Technology is continually expanding and giving new dimensions to existing technology. While technology progression has resulted in many advantages, it has its darker side. Cybercrimes are a technological way of stealing people’s efforts and data and robbing them of their valuable information. Cybersecurity secures businesses and devices from cyber attacks and breaches and prevents unauthorized user access. It enhances confidence and efficiency and gives people assurance that they are not exposed to cyberattacks. While other technical industries also aim to bring forth technologies that can change human life for the better. Cybersecurity is different from others as it has become an essential impact to keep other technologies safe.

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