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How Easy Is It to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp?


Easier than you might have imagined. When people hear ‘hack’, most think it’s very sophisticated. A computer science degree needed perhaps? Wrong! There are many aspects and levels of hacking that make it very simple. For example, sometimes all you need to hack someone is physical access to their device to install, say  WhatsApp spy tools. In others that degree might come in handy.

Luckily, hacking someone’s WhatsApp or any other social media and messaging apps for that matter is relatively easy. All you need are proven tools and access to the target device in order to access their WhatsApp messages. In this article, we will tell you how to hack someone’s WhatsApp using spy tools, WhatsApp web, and using Google Drive.

Did You Know That There Are Dedicated WhatsApp Spying Tools?

The easiest and simplest way to hack WhatsApp is using spy tools. Whatsapp spy tools are pieces of software that can track all WhatsApp information on a target device. Once installed, the spy app will monitor all sent and received messages, pictures, sounds, videos, documents, etc.

All this information is usually accessible via a web portal that can be accessed from any browser online. This means you can hack someone’s WhatsApp and monitor them remotely as well.

Installing the spy tool is only a matter of a few minutes. All one needs to hack someone using this method is physical access to the target device and a subscription for the spy tool.

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Malicious Actors Can Hack WhatsApp with Ease Using WhatsApp Web

According to tech connoisseurs at, you can hack WhatsApp with ease using the WhatsApp web. WhatsApp web is a desktop version of WhatsApp Messenger. It allows users to operate their WhatsApp Messenger on their computers or laptop.

You can use this feature to access someone’s Whatsapp without them knowing. All you need is physical access to their device and WhatsApp Messenger. If you are set with both of these, follow these instructions to hack their WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp web, you can literally access anything they have on their phone app. You can read all sent and received messages, group messages, etc. Because it’s a mirror image, you can control the app as well. You can delete messages, block unwanted people or even chat with their contacts.

If you are looking for proof, say a partner is cheating, you can easily screenshot chats from your PC. Do take note, however, that when Whatsapp web is in use, there is a notification on the target device. This means you can be caught spying if the target knows about this feature.

There will also be a log of devices that have accessed their WhatsApp on the web. Finally, you can easily be logged out and denied access. You can also do these if you suspect someone has hacked your WhatsApp.

You Can Also Be Hacked on WhatsApp via Google Drive

If you are looking to hack WhatsApp at whatever cost, you can use google drive. Most WhatsApp users backup their data to Google Drive. They can also restore this data if they delete it or have a new phone.

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You can hack their WhatsApp by simply restoring their chats onto another device. However, you will need their Sim Card, as well as google account details. If you have access to both, you can restore WhatsApp using Google drive.


WhatsApp hacking is very simple. If you have a valid reason/concern, say as a parent, partner, or employer, you can easily hack a target device. Whether you choose Whatsapp spy tools, WhatsApp web, or go the backup route, you can access any WhatsApp without much fuss. Of course, there are extremely advanced remote hacking software and talent out there, but these are not commonly used. They are also not easy, cheap, or openly available!

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