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How Does Phone Marketing Work And How Can You Benefit?


The past two decades witnessed a shift in the marketing industry. There has been a major and rapid transition from traditional means of marketing to digital ones. Mobile marketing has proven to be a good investment for any business seeking growth.

Phones are arguably the one interactive device that most people have with them almost at all times. This has made it a great way to effectively reach clients.

The Smartphone Effect 

The change in customer behaviour towards increased use of phones to stay connected to the Internet at any time and from anywhere requires an equal shift in marketing strategies.

According to Statista (2020), as of December 2019, mobile users accounted to more than half of website traffic globally, and more than 90% of customers go looking for their next buy online. This means that your marketing campaign is supposed to be created in a way that supports and leverages mobile marketing above other forms of marketing.

A good example is how mobile-friendly websites are prioritized by Google when clients perform their search on a mobile phone. If your website is not optimized for viewing and use on mobile phones, you automatically stand to lose a majority of your potential clients.

You want to tap into the market that tries to interact with your website through their phones because mobile phones, being personal devices, do more than receive your content; they may also give you access to information pertaining to their preferences and previous internet behaviour so that your adverts can be directed towards the individuals who are most likely to be interested in them.

In spite of this penetration by smartphones and their wide use, SMS and voicemail drops continue to be one of the most effective ways to reach people anywhere. Even people without access to a smartphone will likely have some access to a mobile device that has SMS services.

Every marketer would know the importance of focused marketing, and phone marketing best offers that.

What Comprises Phone Marketing? 

In trying to understand phone marketing, it’s important to make clear its components.

When thinking of phone marketing, you should think beyond just mobile apps and texts. To broaden your marketing strategy, you should touch on all aspects that would benefit from a mobile-oriented design.

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly – Your clients shouldn’t have to scroll side to side on their screens or zoom for the content on your page to fit their mobile screens. Ensure that your site’s content can fit on their pages easily.

Your overall goal is to make the buying cycle as smooth as possible. To do that; you should remove anything that might act as resistance on your website. Make sure the pages load quickly because your clients will not always have the time to wait. Even if they did, they still might not because there are other websites listed in their search results that might offer the same product or service.

Also, check your website for any mobile-specific errors to make sure its mobile user experience is fully optimized.

  • Make your SMS and MMS messages mobile-friendly. – Go over the basic rules for how to create effective marketing campaigns through SMS (short message service) and MMS (multimedia message service). Invest in a good and reliable text blast software to help you manage your SMS and MMS marketing.

These are some of the best ways to reach your client through mobile, but for maximum effectiveness, you should learn how to use them wisely.

  • Create ads and landing pages that are mobile-friendly- Most of the emails sent to clients are, more times than not, opened on mobile devices. If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile viewing, chances are, a lot of clients will not read them. So, before starting your email marketing campaign, ensure you factor in mobile device users. A fail-proof way to do this is to design webpages in a way that automatically formats page content for viewing on any device.

After getting this right, another area to consider improving is your landing page. If your email, which is correctly optimized for a good mobile UX, contains a link to a landing page with a poor mobile UX, you have technically defeated the whole point of optimizing your content in the first place.

Your end goal is to lead your client as gently and smoothly down your sales funnel as possible to help them reach the decision stage. If the link clicks-through to a landing page that performs poorly on mobile devices, you would have wasted all your good initial effort as you may lose a potential client at this stage.

  • Mobile-friendly apps – Mobile apps can serve as good customer engagement tools if created with the right strategies and roadmaps. Check to see if your mobile app of choice can support your particular business goals.
  • Your marketing technology(MarTech) should be optimized to help you reach mobile users – Think of how best you can use MarTech to stand out from other competing mobile apps. Chances are, your target clients have a host of other apps on their phones, but how do you make yours especially attractive to them? A lot of apps that get installed into people’s phones don’t get past being used only once, but that’s not the engagement and conversion prospects you’re looking for.
  • You might want to consider using marketing automation to help you improve acquisition, user retention, engagement, and conversion.

Tips For An Effective Phone Marketing Strategy

Now that you have an idea of the areas that may require your attention to improve your phone marketing strategy, it’s probably a good time to get into how you might go about creating a strategy to improve all these areas discussed above.

A few steps to follow in creating a successful strategy include:

Understanding Your Buyer

The first step to understanding your mobile buyers is to create buyer personas. These are fictional characters that represent the clients you expect to serve with your product or service. A good buyer persona is specific. Know your potential buyers’ general profile down to their background, job description, goals, where they mainly get their information, their challenges, the type of content they prefer, and their role in the purchase process.

This will help you develop the right tone of voice for your marketing campaigns and help you choose the correct channel. Use the bucket testing method to help you build accurate personas. Also known as A/B testing, this is where you experiment with variants over two and show them on a page, then observe which performs better for a particular conversion goal. In addition to this, you can also observe mobile habits to help you develop a clearer picture of whom to target in your marketing.

Clarifying Your Goals

A customer typically goes through five stages before finally making a purchase. These stages are:

  • Reach – This is the stage when they need to access your material and develop a general awareness of what you do.
  • Acquisition – Once they find your page, they’ll find it a great source of information for solutions or assistance in making a decision to buy. You need to make sure your client recognizes you as an authority among other players in your industry. It’s a step in the right direction toward making a purchase. The goal, at this stage, is to facilitate the first purchase.
  • Nurturing – After this first purchase, your job isn’t over yet. You now have to develop your relationship with the client to encourage more sales. You’ll need feedback on the first sale to make sure they were satisfied.
  • Retention – This stage depends on whether the messages you continue sending to your clients are relevant enough to get your clients to make any further purchases.

The market is close to being saturated with products similar to yours, and your customers might move on if you don’t make an effort to stay connected to them after they’ve made a purchase.

  • Advocacy – Now that you’ve nailed all these stages, your client might turn into an advocate for your products or services.

People tend to trust their friends better than they can trust your best ads, so your business needs this kind of advocacy from your clients. It’s likely to get you a considerable number of new clients.

Knowing these stages will help you know how you can use the platforms at your disposal at each stage, depending on each stage’s goals.

Phone marketing shouldn’t have to work in isolation. You can employ cross-channel engagement strategies to ensure maximum results. If you’ve been using other platforms, now is the time to consider the best ways to integrate them with your mobile marketing efforts.

Identify And Establish Your KPIs 

How are you going to measure the effectiveness of your phone marketing? Depending on your goal, you can use specified KPIs to help you measure your campaign’s success.

You can measure using:

  • Engagement – Your content should be mobile-friendly to promote traffic to your site and acquisition once a client lands on the page.
  • Acquisition- All your lead nurturing platforms should be mobile-friendly and with clear calls-to-action. The buttons should be big and easy to click. Placing them at the top of the email may improve your links’ click-through- rate.
  • Customer service – Your customer service platforms can also be marketing platforms. Ensure your clients can reach you through any platform they choose.

Monitor the metrics

After you’ve followed all these steps, it’s now time to monitor how your platforms are performing. Google Analytics can be a very useful tool to help you monitor how clients with mobile devices are using your site. You’ll have access to mobile behaviour data, conversion data, and dashboard tools, page view metrics, bounce rates, and others. This data will help you figure out which parts of your mobile marketing tools still need to be optimized for mobile browsing.

Benefits For Your Business

With the wide usage of mobile devices in accessing the Internet, phone marketing unsurprisingly comes with a lot of advantages for your business:


When you depend on desktops for your online marketing, you might find that your customers generally take longer to receive your messages.

Using mobile marketing will allow you to reach your audience wherever they are.

You Can Reach And Segment A Global Market

If you intend to reach a global market, you’re better off using phone marketing. The advantages of the metrics mobile phones can give you don’t only include that you can reach anyone, anywhere, but you can focus your campaigns and direct them to specific groups of people. Another huge plus is that you can also target clients based on their locations.

This will help you limit wastages by limiting messages that continuously get directed to an uninterested market.

To realize this benefit, you should first define as clearly as you can your target market so that you can segment and target it well.

Availability Of Multiple Marketing Channels

Phone marketing is versatile. Under it are many different channels that you can use to reach your clients.

You can use mobile websites, mobile apps, SMS marketing, QR codes, and in-game mobile marketing, among other channels, to use for your phone marketing


If you’re a small business or a big one looking to cut some costs, you might find phone marketing to be one of the most cost-effective strategies to use in your marketing while remaining highly effective.


Mobile phones are very personal devices and are what most users use to communicate with people in their circles. If your content and ads are on the same device, it makes it easy for a customer to press a few buttons and share the content with a friend.

Improves Search Engine Rankings And Helps Track Any Results

Phone marketing mentions on various platforms will help your website rank better in search results.

Furthermore, you can easily track how well or badly your campaigns are performing.

Bottom line  

Phone marketing is here to stay. For your business to realize maximum benefits from your marketing, you should consider the benefits of phone marketing.

It can help you increase your business’ accessibility, global reach, ability to segment the market, availability of different mobile marketing channels, ease of shareability, and savings on marketing costs.

Mobile marketing is not only one of the sure ways to reach your clients where you are; it’s also one of the ways that have continually demonstrated some of the highest conversion rates and return on investments.

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