How Do Small Businesses Benefit From Enterprise Podcasting

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how do small businesses benefit from enterprise podcasting

There are a lot of ways that small businesses benefit from enterprise podcasting. One such is gaining attention in a crowded marketplace. As a startup company, prospects want to know and trust you before buying. That is exactly why creating a podcast is great for you.

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Keep reading as we discuss how small businesses benefit from enterprise podcasting.

Why should small businesses use podcasts?

Podcasting is great and beneficial for any small business. Here are our top 7 reasons for every business to consider enterprise podcasting.

Convenient to make and listen to

The fear of a lot of small business owners is finding the extra time to start an enterprise podcasting series. However, business podcasts are easy to create. With a good recording device and microphone, you are set up. You can even find free editing tools online.

Podcasts also offer convenience to listeners. It is a great way to reach your target audience without disturbing their daily routines. Whether working, driving, at home, or in the gym, they can listen while multitasking. Compared to equivalent means of communication like texts, you’d agree that businesses benefit greatly from enterprise podcasting.

Offering authoritative industry presence

Establishing your small business in a competitive market can often take time and effort. There are many big names, and customers ask if they can trust you. Starting a business podcast can solve that.

So, how do small businesses benefit from enterprise podcasting? By expanding your fanbase. Rather than solely focusing on selling, consider offering knowledge and insightful analysis of marketing trends. Let potential buyers see your podcasts as useful information on the best purchasing decision.

That’s how to build trust and establish authority in the marketplace gradually. Just ensure the podcast contents are engaging.

Improving brand awareness

Podcasts can be used to promote new products or services effectively, but they are also an essential part of brand storytelling.

Small businesses with enterprise podcasting can significantly improve brand awareness. Your branding depicts what others see first when they hear about your business. It is your image in the market, and effective podcasting tips can help manage that.

It is also important you improve your brand awareness from within your team. Do you have a small team of workers? Starting a podcast at work series can be a great way to teach them essential company values.

Connecting with employees

Whether large or small, every business needs effective management-employee communication methods that come with enterprise podcasting. It is the way forward in ensuring the alignment of company goals and objectives across all departments.

You pass information to your employees in real-time, regardless of whether they are in the office. This benefit is particularly for front liners in your organization. Besides, podcasts at work ensure important updates reach everyone. Unlike emails that demand extra attention, employees can listen to podcasts while doing something else.

You can also use the podcast to share progress across departments and listen to how the employees embrace the challenges. It provides the extra motivation that their effort is noticed and applauded.

An additional source of revenue

One of the many ways to quickly grow a small business is by creating multiple income streams. An example is placing ads between your podcast episodes. Call podcasting a marketing strategy if you like, but you can also utilize the traffic you’re getting to make more money.

Promote your podcast and charge advertisers to include their ads. You can also create subscription-based private podcasts for your loyal customer base. Free podcasts are also welcome, provided you’re utilizing them to promote your products and services.

Share marketing updates and how-to guides on your specific niche. A good podcast content strategy always focuses on building the customer’s trust and loyalty. That is because people only buy from whom they trust.

Increased traffic

Professionals that know how to start a business podcast will tell you that search engine optimization is very important for growth. Consider placing relevant keywords in your episode titles and descriptions before publishing. It allows the search engines’ audio indexing feature to rank your content higher.

The more visibility your podcast gets, the higher your chance of acquiring a new prospect. Asides from that, transcribing your podcast into worded content for blog posts is another podcasting benefit. The blogs are linked to your main podcast and boost your business page’s SEO.

Tracking performance analytics

The best podcast content strategy requires continual experimentation of ideas. There is no one path to success, and you must keep trying different promotional methods. Quite tedious if you think it through, especially when you imagine keeping track of achievements made.

However, tracking performance metrics of audio and video content is much easier with podcasting. You can see how viewers engaged with your podcast and how much time was spent on each section. You also get to determine possible business solutions to improve existing data.

How to start a small business podcast

Before learning how to start a podcast for your business, understand that quality and consistency are essential factors for success. Think of your starting objective for the podcast. Pick a good name, cover art and logo to help with the branding.

You’ll also need a podcast studio with good sound equipment and a reliable internet connection to ensure smooth recording and uploading of episodes. It is also vital for remote guests or co-hosts who will be joining the podcast through video conferencing.

The next podcast content strategy is deciding on a hosting format. You must determine if your episodes will be presented by you alone or if you will be inviting guests to the show. Also, think about the duration of podcast shows. You can commence with short episodes for a start.

But more importantly, always seek feedback. Through comment sections, social media polls or other verifiable means, endeavor to know your target audience’s thoughts. Understanding how to start a podcast business involves always being ready to try new ideas.


More is needed to learn how to start a small business podcast. Are you prepared for the planning and building process? As a small business owner, you likely have top competitors you want to leverage with engaging podcast ideas.

However, you must be up to the task of ensuring only quality podcast episodes as you establish an authoritative presence in your industry. Stand out from the competition with your effective podcast content strategy and be ready to expand connections with employees and the marketplace.

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