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How Did The Pandemic Cause Gaming Trends To Change?


Technology is a vital part of our lives and something which would be difficult to live without. The interesting thing to note is that this is not just because tech gives us ways to live more conveniently or have more fun in our spare time. The raft of modern technology we now have offers real practical benefits.

That is certainly true when you think about technology in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has impacted every facet of our lives for the last 18 months or so. Although things are moving in a more positive direction now, it is true to say that tech became more important than ever in our recent history.

Although you could look at how tech enabled groceries to be ordered online or banking to be conducted over the internet, gaming is perhaps the most interesting industry to look at. There is no doubt that trends in gaming changed due to the impact of COVID-19. But just how did this happen?

Types of games people played altered 

It is undoubtedly true to say that the types of games people play seem to have changed due to COVID-19. Indeed, it is thought that up to 60% of gamers played different kinds of games during the pandemic. Although online casino games were surging in popularity before 2020, recent events seemed to have given players even more of an appetite for them. This saw Michigan Online Casinos sites cater to this increased demand through 2020 and continue to thrive into 2021.

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But why is this the case? A major reason was the closing down of physical casinos for long periods during the pandemic. This meant that people flocked to iGaming sites instead to access the casino classics they loved. It is expected that most of these payers will not go back to physical casinos now they have seen the convenience that online sites offer. If you plan to play casino games online, just remember to check out where to play carefully first. The website is a good source of independent online news for the best casino bonuses and top iGaming sites.

Online multi-player titles have also emerged as a hot gaming trend due to the pandemic. In particular, Battle Royale titles like Fortnite seemed to prosper. These games saw a 143% increase in popularity in the USA over the COVID-19 lockdown and seem likely to remain a gaming trend for the foreseeable future.

Games that include elements of social interaction have also become more popular recently. The reason for all this is pretty simple – with people unable to meet up in person for long periods, multi-player/interactive games were the only safe way to catch up with friends and keep loneliness at bay. As with any way to get the best gaming experience, this shows how crucial is the game you select to play!

Increase in gaming’s popularity 

Gaming got a massive boost from the pandemic, and the number of new players taking it up was a big trend that COVID-19 instigated. With more people being stuck at home with nothing to do, playing games was a fun way to fill the time. Many of these were people who might not have considered gaming pre-COVID-19.

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As gaming is something that can be done without leaving the house, it was the ideal entertainment option to keep boredom at bay and stay safe. Gaming revenue shot up to over $170bn in 2020 due to the pandemic and saw the global number of players reach over two billion. This is not something that we would have been likely to see if COVID-19 had not appeared on the horizon.

People playing for longer than before 

In terms of gaming trends that changed due to the pandemic, it was not just how popular the industry became as a whole. The amount of time people spent gaming also changed – whether it be for brand-new gamers or more experienced players.

In all, this saw a 39% rise in the time people spent playing video games globally. In short, people simply had far more spare time on their hands over this period and thus far more time to play games. The Global Gaming Study: Impacts on COVID-19 also reported a jump in people who classed themselves as a serious gamer (playing for 5 to 20 hours per week) to 82% during COVID-19.

Trending platforms for gaming over pandemic

In terms of changing trends in gaming over the pandemic, online platforms have come to prominence. Twitch is perhaps the best example, and many people started to use this platform over COVID-19 to watch other people play games. This saw Twitch set a record of 22.7 million peak daily active users in March 2020, and it continues to be a platform people like to use for streaming gaming content.

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Of course, when it comes to actually playing games, Cloud-based digital platforms flourished as well. The online PC gaming platform Steam, for example, set a staggering concurrent user figure of over 20 million in March 2020, and this shows how many people started to use it while stuck at home in lockdown.

Digital gaming platforms like these attracted a whole load of new users during the pandemic due to their accessibility and range of excellent games. As a result, people will likely stick with this trend post-COVID-19. It is also true to say that mobile gaming grew in popularity during the pandemic as this was a medium many people preferred to play on – especially newer or more casual gamers.

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted gaming trends 

There seems little doubt that, just as it has impacted other areas of our lives, COVID-19 has affected the trends within gaming. The pandemic has undoubtedly made its mark on the sector, from what we like to play to how we play it and how long we play.

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