How to Choose the Best Online Casino in Pennsylvania

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how choose best online casino in pennsylvania

Picking online casinos can be an uphill struggle, not only because there are so many operators out there trying to convince you to sign up with them, but also because newcomers might not know what separates quality sites from substandard ones.

To clear all of this up and connect you to only the best online casinos that Pennsylvania has to offer, here are some of the things to keep in mind as you look for a place to play.

Check reviews to find legitimate online casinos

Gambling online has only been legal in Pennsylvania for a short amount of time, and so only a small number of operators have managed to get regulatory approval and actually launch their sites for residents to enjoy.

As such, it makes sense to stick with the best PA online casinos reviewed here, rather than taking a chance on sites that have not been given the green light by the authorities.

This is not only sensible because it will help you to avoid phishing sites, a growing number of which now target online casinos customers, but also because it will ensure that you only gamble with operators that have to adhere to state law. That means if something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied in any way, you can make a complaint and get issues resolved with the help of the state.

See what games are available

Once you know which sites are above board and licensed in PA, it’s time to delve into the fun stuff. Taking a look at the games which you can play will let you know whether an online casino is right for you, and in general you should be on the lookout for services which provide plenty of variety, so that things don’t get boring.

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For example, you might be interested in predominantly spending your time playing slots, in which case it will obviously be important to look for a casino with the largest number of games available. Ensuring that new slots are added regularly is also just as relevant, alongside support for games from top developers like NetEnt.

If slots are not your thing, then finding a site which has table games such as blackjack and roulette could help to seal the deal. Likewise if you are looking for live dealer games, where actual humans are responsible for helming the action, then add this to your wish list when comparing online casinos.

As mentioned, Pennsylvania’s online casino market is small but growing fast, so your choice of games and experiences will only increase with time.

Make sure it runs well on your mobile device

The majority of online casino customers will want to be able to place wagers and play games from their smartphone, so it is necessary to see how well the competing sites perform on your handset of choice.

Of course you do not need to limit yourself to playing in your phone’s web browser, because top operators will also provide mobile applications for customers to use natively. Even so, it is still worth comparing how these apps run on your device, since any sluggishness or compatibility issues might help to sway you.

See what bonuses are currently available

Online casinos always want to give you an incentive to play with them, which is why bonuses for new players are common across the board. Of course that does not mean that every bonus represents good value to the player, so you need to look at not only the size of the offer but also any terms and conditions which apply to it.

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For example, you may get a deposit match bonus that gives you free credit equal to the value of your first deposit into your casino account. This sounds good on paper, and could give you $500 or more to play with.

However, you might not be able to withdraw any cash until you have spent your bonus, or wagered a specific amount on the site.

Other bonuses, such as free spins on slot games, may also be offered, and these change quite regularly, so be sure to check the current crop of incentives before you make a commitment to any one site.

Last of all, remember that you do not have to just play with one casino site. Signing up to different sites will get you fresh bonuses, and as more operators go live in Pennsylvania this could provide even more risk-free ways for you to play.

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