Cheating In Casinos – How Cheaters Are Always One Step Ahead Of The Casinos

Issac Glantz
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how cheaters are always one step ahead of casinos

Casinos are financial juggernauts with seemingly impenetrable armor, but history has proven that cheaters are always one step ahead of the casinos. Over the years, casinos and cheaters have been involved in a cat-and-mouse game, with the cheaters going on the offensive and provoking the elaborate casinos’ countermeasures and precautions, coming in the form of an exaggerated reaction for being robbed large sums of money.

Casinos are quick to plug the leak in their defenses after a bad night of rampage by cheaters. However, these quick countermeasures are often a little too late, and the struggle for fairness in the gaming universe continues.

Online casinos are to a lesser degree susceptible to thefts and criminal activities when they are under cyberattack, which is why top casino sites that are available on have implemented countermeasures and anticipated new cheating strategies through careful research and sophisticated algorithms that are foolproof in providing a secure platform for honest gamblers.

Cheating in casinos isn’t limited to dubious gamblers, there are gamblers who are clever enough to find ways to legally exploit the loopholes in the casino’s rules and regulations. These gamblers are called “advantage players”.

They know how to toll the line between right and wrong, getting close to cheating territory but never crossing the line. Casinos see them as cancerous tumors that have been plaguing the gaming industry for years.

Although there may be no evidence of any law being broken when they are on the floor or on online gambling platforms, casinos always make sure such players are prevented from gambling in their establishments by banning them or taking a more aggressive approach to punishment.

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Banning law-abiding gamblers is not always easy to do because it is an action that is subjected to judicial review and even illegal in some places in the United States like Nevada. The downside to all of this is that some countermeasures are vengeful and harsh, which often affect the casinos negatively or harm their legitimate customers. It’s like cutting healthy tissue together with cancerous cells to prevent cancer from spreading.

Cheating can also be done by the house. This frequently involves games misrepresentation, tweaking of gaming apparatus or using suspect apparatus.  The regional gambling authority oversees the conduct of all establishments before and after a formal complaint has been made against the alleged casino.

The severity of punishment is subjected to review and delegations based on mitigating substances that contributed to crime or misconduct.

Online casinos are rarely vulnerable to cheating, but dedicated cheaters still find a way to bug the formidable online security system of a few casinos. Gamblers who want to cheat regularly target card games.

Some gamblers try to bypass ID confirmation or perform a hack or account cloning (multi-accounts) or use mathematical expectation. All these cheating techniques yield results once in a blue moon and there’s an added risk of getting a ban or the balanced funds getting blocked in response to online criminal activity or misconduct.

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