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How Can You Capture Some High-Class Pictures Using Your iPhone


The advent of smartphones, especially iPhones has completely change the realm of photography. It has given birth too many photographers who now have access to more powerful hardware and tools to capture amazing photographs. All one needs today is perfect timing, the perfect angle and the correct photo editing tool installed on iPhone to start the journey of a successful photographer.

If you have an iPhone and want to become a photographer, then here are some useful tips that you can follow:

Keep Your Photos Easy and Simple 

New photographers often make things complicated for themselves, which results in too many distractions for the viewers. For instance, if you are capturing a busy street then you might not be able to get a clear composition. You can choose and focus on one thing that can become a unique photo subject. So when you are out in the street or on a location check out scenes that might create distractions. To do that, you can move closer and remove unwanted objects. A minimalistic composition will help you get more likes on Instagram.

Create More Depth in Your Photos

Many pictures look good when they have a sense of depth and this is why creating depth helps draw viewers’ eye and get a meaning out of the scene. This element is very important if you are doing landscape photography. There are a few techniques that can help you create depth in your photos. One of the most widely used methods is using leading lines or grids in your composition. You can use railway tracks, stairs, rivers, fences and many other structures as a guide and create an image that draws viewers’ attention through the scene and make your photos more deep, meaningful and engaging.

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Shoot From a Low Angle

Many people have the habit of taking photos using their iPhone from chest height as it seems to be the most convenient way of taking pictures. However, there are more creative ways and options that you can go for to take some great clicks. Remember, there is no limit to your creativity. Thinking out of the box can help you improve your photos.

Try to shoot using different perspectives. One of the best ways to do so is to shoot from a lower angle. There are a few reasons why taking pictures from a low angle is a good idea. Your picture will look more intriguing and show a completely different angle. Another reason for shooting from a lower angle is that it will show your subject with nothing else but the sky in the background and you can smoothly remove unwanted distractions just the way you want to. Finally, shooting at a lower angle will help you show interesting details in the background.

Try Taking Silhouette Photos

These are one of the most popular types of photos. For people who are new to photography, silhouettes are dark shapes of objects that come forth against bright light. You can create some amazing silhouette and get massive attention from users. Also, these are very easy to create. You can use a high-speed internet like Spectrum and learn how to create these using tutorials on YouTube. To create silhouettes, all you need to do is look out for an interesting subject and shoot towards light. A good silhouette is really dark; using your camera app, tap and set the focus and swipe down on the slider to darken the exposure. You can use an editing app to darken the silhouette. Use the golden hour either at sunrise or at sunset to get the best silhouette as it makes it easier for you to get a light source in the background of your subject.

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Photography is all about creativity

iPhone Photography might not seem to be something very technical at all for some users, but if you are doing it professionally, then you must consider following the above-mentioned tips and techniques. Photography is a really fun hobby if you love to play with light, angles, structures and other entities around you. To practice your photography skills you can start off by taking pictures of your siblings and other family members, pets and structures in your neighborhood.

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