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How Can Voice Analytics Make Call Centre Agents’ Jobs Easier?


Call centres are a crucial element for many businesses around the world, with face-to-face interactions less frequent during the pandemic, an increasing number of customers are turning to contact centres for help.

However, with such high call volumes, call centre agents are beginning to feel the pressure. That’s why call centre voice analytics is proving to be one of the most valuable tools to invest in during this time. Voice analytics software plays a vital role in many call centres already for improving customer service but it can also help to ease pressure on call agents.

Below, we take a look at how voice analytics can make contact agents jobs easier and less stressful during the pandemic and thereafter.

Knowing What Customers Want

It may seem like a simple thing to understand, knowing just what a customer wants isn’t always clear.

In a modern world, the public is constantly bombarded with adverts and information on a myriad of platforms making it tricky for them to know and understand what they are actually looking for.

Not all call agents can be expected to keep up with every competitor’s offerings but poorly informed staff will always struggle to provide the best and most bespoke services to customers. This can lead to dwindling sales and targets not always being met.

Voice analytics can help agents understand the customer’s wants and needs based on the tone and pitch of their voice, which can enable them to gain a better grasp of their requirements which can then lead to the customer’s query being resolved effectively and improve their satisfaction.

Decrease Angered Customers

A common issue call agents have is having to deal with irate customers. Nobody wants to be yelled and screamed at while they’re simply trying to complete their working day.

While angry customers can be completely prevented, they can be reduced. Many frustrated callers can have their issues added to with the addition of long hold times as they wait to get through to an agent.

With voice analytics recognition, customers can be put through to the right person the first time. While having to transfer a customer to a different department may not seem like a big deal, this can lead to even longer wait times and more frustration from the customer.

Not only this, but every second is precious in a call centre, with every call having to be transferred, more time is wasted by an agent when they could be helping someone else.

With customers speaking to the right person first time, wait times and average handling time is reduced, meaning customers are less likely to become irate and agents can help more callers each day.

Giving The Best Training

No matter how talented an agent is, without the right training, they can struggle in their daily tasks and begin to feel unfulfilled in their role.

Initial and ongoing training is crucial to running a successful call centre, but how can voice analytics help with this?

One of the best training practices is to present agents with real-life call examples, this could be anything from a shining example of how to handle a particular kind of customer, to showing how a call that started positively can end badly without the correct approach.

Trying to find the perfect call to use as an example can be incredibly time-consuming, especially as they can quickly become dated in fast-paced sectors. Managers using random sampling can come across great examples, but this is rare.

Reports produced by voice analytics can help to find these training calls quickly and easily, meaning they are always relevant and can provide the best training to agents, giving them the confidence to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Agents need to remain compliant at all times, without doing so, the business risks hefty fines and negative brand association.

However, some agents may struggle in these areas without even knowing it and in some sectors, they can be personally liable for any non-compliant conversations, they can even risk losing their jobs if they regularly misinform customers, even if it wasn’t intentionally.

Voice analytics can detect language used that could be viewed as non-compliant. Reports can be generated for managers and flagged with these words or phrases, managers can then take the right steps to retrain agents and prevent any disasters from happening before it’s too late.

Voice analytics software can easily integrate with most telephone systems and improves customer experience, agent job satisfaction and can vastly improve other aspects of the business, including marketing and sales teams.

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