How AI is Changing The World?

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how ai is changing the world

Large companies have been relentlessly investing in artificial intelligence for the second year already. Media resources are semanticizing audiences thanks to AI systems, and the healthcare industry is developing applications that can make accurate diagnoses in minutes. The area of  education, logistics, entertainment and consumer services is also being modernized.

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What global changes in our modern rhythm of life are presented by technology?

Virtual security systems, 5D scanning

Soon, law enforcement agencies and some private organizations will begin to use the latest unmanned vehicles, behavior prediction and face recognition systems. As a result, the human factor in the performance of current tasks will decrease, but this will only allow specialists to focus on more global goals.

As for the virtual space, despite the increase in load, thanks to artificial intelligence, it will become much more secure and cyber resilient. The introduction of high-tech systems will make it possible to increase the efficiency of the fight against pirates, hackers, automatically regulate access to multimedia resources, provide the requested information with better quality, etc.

Medical industry: diagnostic applications, virtual consultant doctors

It will soon become unnecessary to wait for an appointment with a doctor for a consultation, since the initial examination will be performed by the AI. According to the entered symptoms, in 5 minutes, the test will make it possible to establish a preliminary diagnosis and issue recommendations for diagnosing the disease or the best treatment.

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Doctors will still not lose their relevance, since their diagnostics will be deeper and more individual, but the need for this will be significantly lower.

Mobile applications will also become effective diagnosticians and personal assistants for doctors. Today, the world knows such medtech startups as Coremergy, a service for monitoring heart rate; ARiadna – AR / MR Surgeon’s Assistant; MyoTriton is a 3D printed hand prosthesis and many others.

Distance education – multidisciplinary areas

Already today, the full-time form of higher education is losing its relevance. Thanks to the Internet, it became possible to study at a university remotely. A student can even take sessions remotely and receive diplomas in several specialties at once.

Despite this trend, teachers still have been and will actively participate in the learning process, but most of the functions will fall on the shoulders of AI.

And thanks to programs such as Beesender, teachers have the ability to automatically assess the level of knowledge of the student and make decisions about admission, distribution, expulsion and transfers to other places. An individual approach is a huge advantage of the system, the teacher will not be able to deliver the material equally to an audience of 30-100 students, and the assimilation of information by individuals is different, and the programs will select everything individually.

Legal tech in action: artificial intelligence in court and legal bots

If we take the United States as an example, then starting in 2016 we can note several remarkable cases on the introduction of AI into the field of jurisprudence. Law Firm Baker & Hostetler has connected a robot lawyer who works on the basis of artificial intelligence to business processes. Robot Ross, developed by IBM based on the Watson computer, leads the bankruptcy department. Another team of American programmers has created an algorithm that can predict the correct decision of the US Supreme Court 70% of the time.

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As another example of the robotization of the legal system, this is a successful case in the UK, where an 18-year-old programmer created, a website that helps car owners to automatically compose and submit an appeal against the received receipt of a fine. This technology has saved British citizens almost $ 3 million in six months.


Over the past few years, our lives have been rapidly changing thanks to technology. Some daily procedures no longer take up a lot of time, allowing you to schedule your day in more detail. Artificial intelligence can rightfully be considered a catalyst for progress, comparing its value to the engine of the entire IT community.

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