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How 3D Printing Can Impact Your Business


What started out as a novelty ended up being a major game-changer for everything from ecological conservation to space exploration. 3D printing was first considered an innovative design tool, but as the technology progressed, became more accessible, and greatly improved in its capabilities.

It has been redefining everything that we know so far about design, manufacturing, search for solutions, and more, greatly impacting businesses across different industries. And as 3D printing continues to evolve and get better, experts anticipate a major shift to global mechanisms that will filter down even to local businesses.

Here are the different ways that 3D printing can impact your business:

#1 Considerable Cost Cut- Down

Cost reduction and minimal waste in manufacturing will become possible as 3D printing, making prototype production more plausible for small businesses. As well, manufacturing with 3D printing does not require a large facility for production, handling, and storage.

It will also greatly speed- up the process resulting in more products manufactured in less time. All these contribute to a significant decline in cost and as 3D printing technology becomes more affordable overtime the cost reduction can double or triple.

#2  Raising Standards in Product Design

With its many capabilities, it is expected that 3D printing will also be raising the bar for product design. Revolutionary designs that improve and even redefine product performance can be done with less cost and more accuracy. Even unthinkable designs for different industries, even aerospace technology is slowly becoming achievable. 3D may be setting the bar high today, but the eventual introduction of 4D, which is not impossible, will set it a notch higher.

#3 Drive Innovation

Traditional manufacturing processes make prototype creation and testing costly, which is hard for many to afford. As 3D printing makes the process more affordable by requiring lesser materials and producing less waste, many will be able to create and test prototypes immediately.

As more of these activities happen, product innovation becomes faster and the rise of new products and prototypes can happen without much investments. Hence, the innovation mechanism grows and drives faster over time.

#4 Customization Will Become Universally Possible

The high capability for design and manufacturing will make customization possible, and even easier across various industries—from medical tools, supplies, and processes to food and beverage customization for optimum client satisfaction and as an add-on to product offerings that can yield better profits.

Small and medium size enterprises’ capability to afford 3D printers can create a significant change in products offered, even at the local level. This will provide more opportunities for growth and will improve potential for products to become globally in demand.

With 3D printing becoming cheaper and easily accessible today, businesses can already define their future and even improve it. On the other end, this also makes competition even more exciting as more innovations come in fast. And as 3D printing still evolves, there are endless possibilities for any business under any industry, making the global market even more dynamic.

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