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Top 3 Home Technologies That Are Great For Seniors


Smart technology is great for people of all ages as it aims to make life easier and more enjoyable. Smart technology, specifically smart home technology, is constantly evolving and making people’s lives easier around the house.

Smart technology can be especially beneficial for seniors as it allows them to still live comfortably, even if they can not move around the house the same way that they used to.

A specialist that works for a company that provides in-home care for seniors pointed out that smart home technology can even allow seniors to stay in the comfort of their home longer, rather than relocating to a nursing facility.

Since smart home technology makes life more convenient for seniors, they don’t have to worry about not being able to do certain things around their home. This post will describe the 3 best home technologies for aging adults.

Home Technologies That Seniors Should Invest In

If a senior is looking to make life easier at home, he or she should look into investing in certain smart technologies around their home. Here are the top 3 smart home technologies that seniors should consider installing.

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a great investment as they are convenient and can help homeowners save money. Smart thermostats control the temperature of a home from an app found on one’s phone or other device. Seniors can control the temperature from remote locations, making it easy to turn the heat or air up and down when they aren’t home.

Likewise, smart thermostats wont make seniors get up and down to manually change the temperature of their home which may be challenging for seniors that have a hard time walking around.

Smart thermostats will make a senior’s life easier, and will also save him or her money, as the heating or cooling system does not have to be run when he or she isn’t home.

2. Smart WiFi Systems

Smart WiFi systems like Google Nest or Amazon Echo, are great for seniors as they can control all kinds of things around the house, making life easier for seniors. These systems are controlled through the internet and aim to make a person’s life easier by being able to be spoken to in order to operate. Meaning, seniors can speak to these devices and have questions answered, reminders set, and notifications controlled.

Seniors can benefit from these systems because they won’t have to remember to do certain things on their own, perhaps like taking certain medications at certain times of the day.

Seniors can also benefit from these systems by relying on them to answer questions, rather than having to rely on searching the internet. Some seniors may not know how to manipulate the internet well, or they may not be able to see a digital screen well. Smart wifi systems are an outstanding solution.

3. Video Doorbell Systems

Video doorbell systems are increasing in popularity for all homeowners as these systems add a new level of security to one’s home. These systems are simply wired the same way that doorbells are, however, they feature a camera that can detect when someone is at the door or when someone walks by. These systems are connected to one’s mobile phone or device so the homeowner can view what is going on outside of his or her house.

Seniors can benefit from these systems for a number of reasons; the main reasons being security and the ability to see who is there without having to get up. If a senior struggles with getting up and down, as many seniors do, he or she should only stand or walk when necessary.

If someone rings the doorbell, and they do not need to be let in, perhaps they delivered a package, a senior may get up and stress his or her body when unnecessary. A video doorbell system will allow seniors to see who is there and decide if they want to get up or not.

Find the Right Smart Technology for You and Your Home

If you are a senior, or you have a senior in your life, consider installing one of these smart technologies today. These smart technologies have many benefits for people of all ages, but especially the older generation. Smart home technology is worth investing in.

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