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Why High-Tech Companies In The US Need More Immigrants To Function


The tech industry in the United States is one which is going through extraordinary growth right now. While this brings a host of benefits to the US and the wider world, there is also an issue developing because the big tech firms are starting to struggle to operate due to the jobs that need filling.

Skilled Foreign Workers

Immigrants have played a huge role in the US’s tech growth in recent years with places like India and China producing many technologically advanced workers who are capable of coming in and filling the advanced roles in the industry. Not only this, but many of these immigrants come over and set up their own businesses which then creates more jobs for US citizens.

Anti-Immigration Orders

It is clear that the tech industry relies very heavily on foreign workers, but immigration is a particularly hot topic in the United States right now and there are a few threats which could seriously impact both tech companies and the immigrant society. President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration executive orders could overhaul a number of the work-visa programs which immigrants rely on in the tech industry which could drastically reduce the number of foreign workers that the industry can recruit each year.

Domestic Skills Shortage

The argument is that places like Silicon Valley should be hiring US citizens first but the issue is that the USA simply does not produce enough professionals in these highly skilled areas to fill the demand. This is unlike a number of other countries around the world who produce a high volume of technologically advanced and skilled workers who can push the industry forward.

A Threat to the Economy

Leaders in the tech industry have spoken out about these executive orders and the damage that they could do to the industry and US economy. Skilled workers can find work anywhere so the fear from the US standpoint is that the top talent will start to look elsewhere to work which would see the US start to fall behind the highly competitive tech field.

Expanding Overseas

Many tech companies are starting to look into ways to expand overseas which can be a smart move. As you would expect, this can also be a complex and time-consuming task but made much easier with the help of companies like Withers Worldwide.

The tech industry in the USA has undergone incredible growth in recent times with the technology transforming many areas of modern life. Much of this growth and expansion has been thanks to the influx of skilled immigrants who have been able to come in and fill high-tech roles which would be impossible to fill with US citizens. There is now a real threat to this growth with executive orders potentially limiting the number of immigrants who will be able to come over the find work in this industry which could have a knock-on effect.

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