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Hidden Object Games For Android


If you are a huge fan of puzzle games so here is a list of Free and paid Hidden Object Games For Android . Basically hidden objects games are categorized as Puzzle Games . Hidden object games are good for brain exercise improving Decision Making . Hidden object games are mystery games then have a look at this list of Hidden Object Games For Android .


Hidden Object Games For Android

A very popular puzzle game ever made for smart phone . Every one remember that what happen with titanic ship but in this game you have to escape from titanic . Survival is your prize . This game is already have 3 million plus downloads . This is a ingenious room puzzle game .

Some Features of Escape The Titanic

  •  50 clever puzzles; no two alike .
  • Challenging levels with integrated hint system .
  • Hidden objects aid in your escape .

Download Escape Titanic 

No . 2 CSI: Hidden Crimes

Hidden Object Games For Android

Well clearly this is the most exciting crime puzzle game . You have to find the hidden clues from crime sight . And just use your mind to investigate the suspects . And when all these evidence match to the suspect ? well done you solve the case . This game is developed by the major computer gaming company ubisoft .

Some features of CSI : Hidden Crimes

  • Find hidden clues and analyze them.
  • Arrest the Criminal .
  • Feel the thrill of las- Vegas
  • Team up and Be a true CSI .

Download CSI : Hidden Crimes  


Hidden Object Games For Android

You have to solve the puzzle to rooms to break out to the next room or in order to the next floor . It’s a very popular game and free . You will definitely  enjoy this game. Can you escape have ,ore than 3 million users worldwide .

Some Features Can You Escape

  • Smart-phone Puzzles .
  • Addicting Mini Puzzles .
  • It’s Totally Free .
  • Awesome Graphics ans themed Rooms .

Download Can You Escape 


Hidden Object Games For Android

This game is a combo of mystery and puzzle game inside a beautiful 3D world . Beautiful natural looking graphics and a mindblowing journey .  The room series (the room and the room 2 ) have more then Thousand downloads on google play store.

Some Features of The Room Series

  • Top Rated Mystery Game in our Hidden Object Games For Android list
  • Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you’re looking at so you have to think again.
  • Pick up and play design and Easy to start .
  • Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural looking visuals ever seen on a mobile device.

Download THE ROOM

Download THE ROOM 2

Download THE ROOM 3

No. 5 Agent Alice

Join Special Agent Alice Wallace, and dive into a whole new world of fresh hidden object puzzles, real romance and exciting adventure . All new hidden object adventures puzzle game . Play with beautiful and challenging puzzles . Spot clues and find your culprit . Agent alice at no. 5 in our  Hidden Object Games For Android list .

Some cool features of Agent Alice Game

  • New Style of every puzzle .
  • Build your own team .
  • Play with beautiful gaming environment .

Download Agent Alice Game

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