4 Helpful Tips to Grow Your Etsy Shop

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 5 Min Read
helpful tips to grow your etsy shop

Starting and managing an Etsy shop is a full-time job. Unfortunately, some shop owners might not be experiencing any growth in sales volumes and revenue margins. Increasing sales on Etsy seems like an impossible task, especially since it is a third-party software you have no control over. Contrary to that notion, Etsy shop owners can grow their stores by leveraging the elements they have control over on the platform. The shop can be more profitable and reach higher growth levels in due time. What tips can you use to grow your Etsy store?

Product photography

Etsy store owners do not realize the power of product photography. Since this platform sells mostly crafts, store owners might be tempted to use mediocre images for marketing their items. Product photography goes a long way toward raising revenue margins via growing your Etsy shop. Items listed on this platform are marketed mainly by their visual aesthetic, and using mediocre cameras, lighting, or props will negatively affect sales volumes.

Therefore, invest more time into finding product photography themes that work best for the items you are going to list. Take some time to get the props and a good camera which could even be a smartphone with high resolution.

Some items could use an invisible mannequin with a blank background or utilize the power of a green screen. The type of product photography you choose to go with is left to your discretion but ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

SEO optimization

Although Etsy is a third-party platform, you can still implement some good SEO practices to grow your shop. The SEO for the Etsy store could have a widespread effect that transcends the confines of this platform. If done right, you can be more discoverable normal SERPs leading to higher lead generation and sales.

Optimizing an Etsy store revolves mainly around using keywords effectively when writing any copy that you will post on each listing. Therefore, conduct keyword research and ensure that you use high-value keywords on product descriptions. Additionally, ensure that your titles are optimized for search engines by following standard SEO procedures when creating new listings.

Try to make product descriptions SEO-friendly by including elements such as numbered or bullet lists whenever possible. This will make the product description easier to read and reel customers in, potentially leading to higher sales volumes. Conduct competitor research to see how others are doing and brainstorm ways to improve and distinguish yourself from other Etsy stores.

Promote your listings

Store owners can promote Etsy listings to have a broader reach on the platform. Instead of settling with organic traffic generated by your SEO efforts, endeavor to delve into paid advertising. Leveraging paid advertising has proven helpful for e-commerce platforms of varying sizes.

It is a tried and tested method of increasing sales, leading to explosive growth even for newer stores. Carefully plan your ad campaign and gather a list of products that can be featured. Etsy has made the process very easy, and you can do it in just a few easy steps detailed on their online portal.

You have freedom on the budget for the ad campaign because store owners can begin with an amount as small as $1. After topping up the ad budget, plan how much you are willing to spend each day. This will impact the number of people that see your ad each day.

Seasonal marketing

Holiday seasons are the best time to make more money and grow your Etsy shop because of the favorable spending habits of potential customers. Therefore, implementing seasonal marketing is the prime strategy to benefit from impulsive spending decisions made by consumers.

As an Etsy store owner, consider reevaluating your marketing strategy to include seasonal trends. For example, during the festive season, change some keywords on product descriptions and titles to attract Christmas and New Year shoppers. Simply adding or changing some keywords could go a long way toward making the store more discoverable during holiday seasons.

After the seasonal trend, you can revert to the original keywords and marketing material. If possible, change the product images and use the relevant props that align with that season. Seasonal marketing entails mainly SEO changes during holidays to be more discoverable to consumers.

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