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3 Surprisingly Helpful Software Solutions For Nonprofits


Technology has improved many aspects of the business and corporate world making processes streamlined and completed in a more efficient manner. While corporations have been taking advantage of these new advancements, there have also been great improvements in software solutions for nonprofit organizations. In fact, board portals for nonprofits have become one of the most helpful tools in running a well-organized group of people working towards a common goal. This article will share several software solutions that make a difference in nonprofit work in a substantial way.

Software Solutions For Nonprofits

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to raise funds, offer programs and resources to their target market and the community, as well as organizing volunteers to assist in daily tasks that keep the organization afloat. Because technology has provided the ability to use software solutions to streamline business practices, it is no surprise that nonprofit organizations have also been an area that software offerings have grown and improved over the years. Below are some helpful software programs dedicated to nonprofits.

3 Surprisingly Helpful Software Solutions For Nonprofits:-

DonorPerfect –

Many nonprofits love this software platform as it helps to organize data on potential and consistent donors in one convenient location. Anyone in the organization can access the information in real time from any device, at anytime, and from anywhere. This software allows for you to build relationships with potential donors and provides great tools to organize information and make better decisions in your fundraising efforts. Nonprofits such as NTEN and Idealware have noted that due to this software platform, they are able to raise more money consistently than ever before.


Salsa CRM stands for constituent management software. This helps nonprofit organizations organize and build detailed donor profiles in one database. This is helpful as it allows staff members to track donation and every interaction with the donor. In addition, you have the ability to create mailings and create reports on development initiatives. Perhaps a superb perk that sets themselves apart from others is the fact that the Salsa Engage allows for online support, mobile-ready tools for marketing, online fundraising capabilities, and peer to peer fundraising options.

Helpful Software Solutions For Nonprofits

Kindful –

This cloud-based nonprofit software program provides a great platform for fundraising and sustaining donor relationships. Kindful helps to keep you organized and build stronger support through your current and potential donors. Perhaps one of the biggest perks of this software is that it is secure, accessible, and can be accessed from anywhere that allows for you to be online.

Whether you are new to the nonprofit realm or you have worked with nonprofits for years, technology has allowed for many organizations to benefit greatly by streamlining processes on web-based software platforms. Many nonprofits have been able to fundraise with greater results, engage donors and develop relationships with the community, and spread their message further than in the past.

While purchasing a software solution for your nonprofit can cost money that you may not have in your budget, the return on investment is bound to be substantial. Take the risk and you will likely benefit from the reward.

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