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Amazon Testing New Ad Tech Tools to Lure Customers

Amazon Testing New Ad Tech Tools to Lure Customers

There has been a dominance of Google and Facebook in the ad tech ecosystem. Their duopoly has been called in by experts for regulation...
Best Food Intolerance Apps

The Best Food Intolerance Apps of 2017

If you are a picky eater because of certain allergies and limitations, then you must have experienced a lot of trouble when eating outside....

Mobile Apps Are Leveraging – Developers Or Development

Have you ever wondered that how the latest development tools and IDEs are revamping the developer’s job? Are they leveraging developers? Today, mobile apps and...

10 Rules To Know Before Planning Your Singapore Tour

Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia and millions of people travel each year. It is speedily growing city-country which...

Windows 8 / 8.1 Safe Mode – Best Ways to Boot into Safe Mode

Windows, the best and the most popular PC operating system available since decades. Recently, Microsoft had revealed a latest version of its so popular...

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