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How Handing Out Flash Drives To Potential Clients Can Help You Land The Sale


For any businessman, it’s important that you know how to sell. After all, sales contribute to the growth of the business. When you bring in more money to the company, the business becomes more successful. But before you can sell, people have to know you first.

How Handing Out Flash Drives To Potential Clients

You may have attended a trade show or an expo in your area and have been handed out various giveaways from different companies. These are just one of the many ways that the company can let people know who they are, what they do, their products or services, and basically every information that you need to know regarding their business.

Ways That Handing Out Flash Drives To Potential Clients Can Help You Land The Sale:-

If you’ve ever been handed out a promotional flash drive, then you sure are in for a treat. Not only are these giveaways used for marketing, they can also help you sell. Here are some ways on how a flash drive can help you land the sale.

#1 Networking. Handing out promotional flash drives is similar to handing out business cards. It is your chance to network with people, including potential clients. The flash drive can contain a copy of your business card as well as other pertinent information that will let people know who you are. It’s a way of introducing your business, your brand, your products or services.

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Aside from your contact information, the flash drive can also contain a link to your company’s website and your company’s portfolio. This can leave a lasting impression to others and will help them remember you.

#2 Printable or digital coupons. Marketing events typically include freebies. A promotional flash drive is already a great giveaway to potential clients but what can make it better is including a printable or digital coupon on each one.

Plus, with digital coupons inside promotional flash drives, the recipient won’t have to worry about losing the coupon or accidentally throwing it away. This entices your clients to use the coupon and buy something or avail of your service.

You can also include more than one coupon so that they can share the coupon with others and tell them about you. This way they help generate more leads for your business.

#3 Industry information. Potential customers sometimes only have basic and limited information about your industry. Providing them with more information such as statistics, history, relevant facts, and frequently asked questions will help them make better-informed decisions before making a purchase.

Potential clients will see this as your way of wanting to help and will leave a positive image for your company.

Flash drives are great giveaways during promotional events. They are creative and beneficial to people, serving as a little reminder about your business and the products or services that you offer. iPromo offers customizable USB flash drives that you can hand out to your potential clients.

The more creative you can get, the more memorable you are to people. You can check out their lineup of promotional products and get the inspiration you need so you can design your own promotional flash drive.

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