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7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective Bloggers


Completed reading Stephen Covey’s best seller ”7 habits of highly effective people”. And instantly, I could relate with the misery faced by new bloggers and thought of writing a post on the habits of highly ineffective bloggers . But, a major part of the misery is contributed because of high expectations and instant glorification. Many a times lucrative offers enjoyed by successful bloggers, affects the initial passion for blogging in new bloggers and subsequently ineffectiveness creeps in.

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Bloggers

“HABITs die hard. Remove H from it, A BIT remains. Remove A from it, BIT remains. Remove B from it, IT still remains.”

Habit 1: Occasional Posting

Search engines need to be fed on a regular basis. Frequent posting also encourages readers to visit your blog often. Practice having a timely schedule for making blog posts. Erratic and inconsistent manner of updating the blog not only repels traffic but also annoys readers. This is one of the common habits of highly ineffective bloggers. Yes, Stephen Covey’s #1 habit, “Being Proactive” holds good in the blogging world as well.

Habit 2: Quantity over Quality

Posting just for the sake of posting should be avoided. A good post needs time to materialize. If you post like a maniac, you will be considered a maniac too. It is better to post 3-4 times a week than clutter the blog with irrelevant content. Don’t force visitors to scan for your quality content in the blog. Try adding value to each of your blog content.

Habit 3: Ignoring Readers

Without due acknowledgement to readers, you and your blog are certainly doomed. Blogs that encourages readers to visit often, go a long distance. How busy you might be, spare some time for comment reviewing, replying to emails, comments and staying active in social networks. It’s because successful blogging is all about networking.

Habit 4: Constant Makeover

It is always tempting on a part of a new blogger to constantly change the look and feel of the blog. I personally have tried it out, quite a few times. Avoid doing that. Constantly tweaking codes for performance improvement of the blog is fine, but try to resist the urge to change templates, color combinations frequently.

Habit 5: Obsession with Numbers

I feel probably this habit is tough to get rid of. It gives many a nightmares to new bloggers and adds up to the frustration level. If you are a new blogger then focus less on ranking, number of comments, visitors and even share and likes in social media. Your first priority should be establishing your blog for some time and rest will follow.

Habit 6: Impatience

Trying to give it all in one go is the reason why new bloggers burnout early. This is another ill habits of highly ineffective bloggers. Realize that just like every new venture, a new blog also takes time to flourish. Like I had mentioned earlier, if you aim for instant gratification and dream of earning big right from the start, then certainly blogging isn’t the right choice for you. Every blog takes atleast 8-9 months to grow, provided you get rid of these habits.

Habit 7: Think Win-Lose

The reason why you too should start blogging is because, the blogging community is the only place where there are no competitors. Get used to this fact that, when blogging is concerned, its always about a Win-Win situation. Learn from other blogs and add value to it, by sensible commenting and giving due credits, wherever necessary.

Overcome these habits of highly ineffective bloggers and be assured of more improved blogging experience. In case I missed out any other habits of highly ineffective bloggers, which you may think is also common among new bloggers, then do mention in the comment section. And, yes, I would be happy to know, whether you liked the post or not.

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